Postgame Quotes From No. 6 Ohio State vs. Illinois

Nov. 3, 2012

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No. 6 Ohio State (10-0, 6-0 Big Ten) 52, Illinois (2-7, 0-5 Big Ten) 22
Ohio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio
Nov. 3, 2012
Attendance: 105,311


C.J. Barnett, junior safety
On how the defense has regrouped after Indiana
"After the Indiana game, we focused on the fundamentals - tackling better, leveraging the ball and keeping them in front of us. Coach Meyer really challenged us and put pressure on us to be better. We've done a good job of answering the call."

On playing a complete game
"I think this is our first complete game in all three phases. We were able to stay fresh because of the long offensive drives. It's the best we've done defensively in keeping Illinois under 200 yards."

Corey Brown, junior wide receiver
On posting a 10-0 record
"Obviously last year wasn't the year we wanted to have. Our record is just credit to what we did in the offseason. All that hard work is now paying off. We are going to take this bye week and get healthy. We know we have a big week coming with Wisconsin. We will grind through this week, then grind through the next. Keep the momentum going."

On the Illinois defense
"They aren't a bad defense. They have some really good players. To be honest they are better at certain positions than us. We just knew we had to come out and execute. I've said it before, no one can stop us when we are out there playing to our game plan."

Travis Howard, senior cornerback
On Ohio State's defensive effort
"I thought we did a great job. In some scenarios, we came up short, but they weren't big plays. We wanted to come out and make a statement to show we can compete and showcase our abilities."

On his interception today vs. Illinois
"Today, I made a good jump and got out in front of it to make the play. I almost had another one too. I told Orhian Johnsonif he hadn't been there, I would have been locked in on another."

Carlos Hyde, junior running back
On his performance vs. Illinois
"For me, it all has to do with my offensive line. When those guys go, I go because when they do better, I can do my job better. And they did great today."

On the improvement of the Ohio State defense
"Coach Meyer really challenged them to take control of the line of scrimmage this week and they stepped up to the challenge."

On his running game
"I run with passion, aggression and attitude. I feel like I can't be brought down and I run with that in my mind, which allows me to run hard. It doesn't matter who scores more running touchdowns between Braxton and me because I just want to help my team win in whatever way possible."

On possibly being a Top 5 team
"I think we are pretty good, but I know we can do better. There are a lot of things we need to work on to become better. I believe we are headed in the right direction though."

Bradley Roby, sophomore defensive back
On defensive improvements since playing Indiana
"Since the Indiana game we've had a lot of serious meetings. We had to get it done on defense. That's what we've been doing lately. We're going to keep it up."

On time off during the upcoming bye week
"It's hard to win 10 games in a row and that's what we accomplished. Right now, it's a grind. The whole season is a grind. We're going to keep getting better and keep winning. Coach Meyer has given us some time off during the bye week so we can get healthy. That's what we're going to do."

Ryan Shazier, sophomore linebacker
On the improvement of the Ohio State defense
"The defense is getting better because of all of the criticism we have been receiving. We are trying and succeeding, slowly but surely, at becoming a better football team."

On the bye week
"I think it will give a lot of guys who have been hurt or injured a chance to rest and hopefully we will get a lot of guys back for Wisconsin."

On possibly being a Top 5 team
"It would be great, because going into this season we wanted to do everything possible to have the best season we could have. Being a Top 5 team is exactly where we want to be to try to finish at No. 1."

John Simon, senior defensive lineman
On defensive improvements since playing Indiana
"Indiana was a setback and we really took it to heart. As a defense, we rededicated ourselves in practice and have been doing everything we can to be prepared for game days. So far it's been paying off, so we have to keep it up over the next three weeks."

On Ohio State's effort
"Our guys always give great effort. That's something we pride ourselves on as a defense - 11 silver bullets swarming to the ball every play."

On the upcoming bye week
"There is a lot of power football in the Big Ten and injuries can pile up when you are constantly getting hit hard. The bye week will be good for us to regroup and re-energize."


Tim Beckman, Illinois head coach
On today's game
"I'm proud of the way our kids continued to compete after a bad second quarter, but I give a lot of credit to the Ohio State Buckeyes for how they played today."

On Braxton Miller
"Braxton Milleris a fantastic football player, he fuels this Ohio State team with his ability to make guys miss and that is how he hurt us today. He also made big plays with his arm and exposed some coverage issues in our secondary."

On Illinois offense
"Our offense was too sporadic; we have got to be able to drive the ball down the field and put up seven points when we get in the red zone."

On rest of the season
"The most important thing for our team moving forward is to improve as a team; we just have to continue to work hard together and get better."

Terry Hawthorne, senior defensive back
On playing against Braxton Miller
"I've played against him before in high school and he was just as slippery then as he is now. He is the same exact guy, but he has more control of the ball now."

On his return game
"I had a couple break outs back to back. I kept telling the return team to put a body on a body and we can increase the hits and that exactly what they did."

On coming out 2-6 against Ohio State
"Coach keeps telling us and we keep telling ourselves, we are going to fight and keep pushing these last three games. We are not going to give anyone an easy game against us."

Corey Lewis, senior offensive lineman
On being able to play tonight
"It was a great feeling, I've worked very hard to have this opportunity and I am thankful for it. I have to continue to get better personally; we as a team have to do the same."

On his personal performance
"I haven't played in two years and I'm happy to be back. With the first couple of plays it felt great to knock the rust off. The o-line needs help and I'm happy to contribute to it."