Postgame Quotes From Ohio State vs. Toledo

Sept. 10, 2011

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No. 15/15 Ohio State (2-0) 27, Toledo (1-1) 22
Ohio Stadium, Columbus, Ohio
Sept. 10, 2011
Attendance: 105,016


Andrew Sweat, senior linebacker
On the roughness of the game
"It was an ugly game, but we made plays when we had to. Today we had to dig down deep and have toughness. These are the types of games you see what type of player you are and learn from."

On the breaking point of the team from losing guys
"I don't think on this team there is a break point. Even if we get down to 20 guys. We'll move around and do what we can do. "

On playing against Taikwon Paige
"It was almost impossible. You have no leverage and force him inside. He's a playmaker. We didn't do our job or execute as well as we should have today. I think the coaches had prepared us well enough we just didn't do what we needed to do to stop him."

Carlos Hyde, sophomore running back
On the close game
"We had to keep pushing. It was a tough game to run the ball. I kept telling our linemen to keep playing and don't put their heads down, and we fought back."

On his touchdown run in the second quarter
"It was supposed to go to the right but Joe [Bauserman] changed it to the left. I had two options; either run outside or keep it inside. I chose inside and it paid off. It was pretty exciting to score."

On his starting spot
"To me, everyone is trying to start. It's a week to week thing. I feel like it's for us to prove."

Garrett Goebel, junior nosetackle
On improvements made in the offseason
"I got a lot stronger. Coach Schleagel pushed me really hard and it's paying off. I had gained some weight then lost it during camp. I feel a lot quicker than I have before."

On facing Miami next week
"It's going to be tough. I've never been down there before. I haven't watched film yet on them. I'm sure it'll be a dog fight next week."

On the final drive
"I was excited. I just wanted someone to step up and make a play. It finally happened in the fourth down but I was just glad we stopped them."

Chris Fields, sophomore wide receiver
On his punt return for a touchdown
"It was good, everyone did their job. Everyone got their blocks. I felt like I couldn't be challenged by the punter."

Michael Bennett, freshman defensive tackle
On Toledo's offensive line
"They were good with their hands. They stayed on us."

On Toledo
"This whole week everyone outside of the team has been talking about how we're going to blow them out, but we as a team knew it wasn't going to be so easy. They obviously showed their strengths and played a great game against us."

John Simon, junior defensive tackle
On bouncing back from mistakes
"We always preach that the next play is the most important play. We always have to focus on the next play and do our job."

On Toledo
"They have some great skill players. They're a great team. They knew they were going to score some points on us."

Etienne Sabino, senior linebacker
On John Simon
"It was huge to get him back on the field. Without him it would have been a completely different game."


Tim Beckman, Toledo head coach
On their loss
"First and foremost, we didn't play well enough to win this football game. There were too many mistakes on our part that need to be rectified. We have to, as a staff and as a football team, make sure that when we're playing in games like this, if we want to take this program back to that championship level, we must make sure that we succeed in those plays that we gave up today. When we're playing in games like this, we have to make sure we're playing all three phases of the game to be as successful as we can be."

On being the underdogs
"We come here, and our goal is to win. That's what we came to do. We came to win the football game. Be there in the fourth quarter, and give yourself the chance to win the football game. We did not succeed in that; we did not achieve what we wanted to achieve today."

On their young defense
"Credit goes to that coaching staff. I think they did a great job of preparing. It goes back to recruiting and being able to get our young players involved in this program that can make us successful. I was proud of the way those young players jumped in and played and responded in an atmosphere like they faced today."

On whether their penalties lowered team morale
"I don't think so. I think the players realize that this is a game of football. We have to respond and we have to get first downs. We've got to get a first down to get us out of those situations. And again, blunders on the special teams were a big creation of that problem and we have to get those things straightened out for us to be successful."

On playing two quarterbacks
"I think we've got two special kids that understand this game. They're very, very unselfish. I'm proud that they're Rockets. We recruited both of them at the same time, telling them that they both have opportunities and you can see that we can score some points with either one in the game."

Terrance Owens, sophomore quarterback
On the last series of the game
"I was trying to lead the team down and win the game and we fell short."

On the last play of the game
"I got hit on the last play and that caused the play to turn bad. If I had time I could have had (Danny) Noble because he was wide open. But I had to get the ball out of my hands since it was fourth and five. I tried to make a play."

Austin Dantin, junior quarterback
On Toledo beating themselves
"There is no doubt that we beat ourselves. We had 12 or 13 penalties, a missed field goal and another missed opportunity on a field goal. It is inexcusable."

On taking Ohio State to its limit
"We came here in a hostile environment against a top 25 team. It is huge for us to come out here and compete like this. But we have a tall test ahead of us next week with Boise State at home so that's what we are looking forward to now."

Eric Page, junior wide receiver
On the game today
"It's tough. We put a lot of effort in to the game and things were going our way. We just need to eliminate the mistakes."

On the effort today
"We prepared all week for them and we knew that we could get the job done. We came out fast and played hard throughout the game. We just need to eliminate the mistakes."