One-On-One with Lenzelle Smith Jr.
Lenzelle Smith Jr.

Aug 23, 2013

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Rising senior guard Lenzelle Smith Jr. recently sat down with to share his experience with the Bucks Go Pro program this summer. The objective of the program was to give student-athletes valuable experience working within a university athletics department and help them clarify their career goals.

Smith is one of four returning starters from a year ago after averaging 9.2 points and 4.8 rebounds in his junior campaign. Along with classmate Aaron Craft, the Zion, Ill., native has been a part of three Sweet 16 appearances, two Big Ten tournament and regular-season championships and an appearance in the 2012 Final Four throughout his time as a Buckeye.

Q: What’s your experience been like working in the Bucks Go Pro program this summer?
A: My experience with the Bucks Go Pro program this summer has been awesome. I’ve had the opportunity and privilege of working with an amazing team in the development office. In spite of everyone’s busy schedule, they still found time to take me under their wing and guide me in the right direction while I tried to grasp an in depth view of what the development office does. 

Q:  Why did you choose that area?
A: I chose the development office because I wanted to get a better idea of what they actually do. I feel that we truly have the best university here at The Ohio State University as far as facilities, networking and overall experience goes and I believe the development office has a lot to do with that.

Q: Who are some contacts/references you’ve created relationships with through networking with the program?
A: Through the Bucks Go Pro internship I’ve managed to create and/or build relationships with people such as Gene Smith, Dan Cloran, Martin Jarmond, Miechelle Willis, Jessica Olms, TJ Shelton, Mike Penner and Dan Wallenberg just to name a few.



Q: How long are you interning with Development?
A: I’ve been interning with the development office throughout the summer. I started in May and I’m still here in August just because I’ve been having a great experience and really enjoy working with the team in the development department.

Q: How important is this program for student-athletes who are gaining real-life experience?
A: I think this Bucks Go Pro program is very important for student-athletes as far as gaining a real life experience and view of the real world and work field. This program gives athletes a chance to use some of the skills and lessons sports has instilled in them in a different way other than putting points up on the board that will help them adapt to life after sports.

Q: What are some things you are specifically learning within the development office? Talk about a day in the life as an intern in Development.
A: With my time in the development office I’ve learned about the dynamics of development, major capital project campaigns, the process of stewardship, the gift processing aspect of development and I’ve assisted with a major event happening here in the near future.

Q: Will you recommend this program to other student-athletes or teammates? If so, who?
A: I will definitely recommend this program to pretty much any student-athlete I know. However, I will actually do a little more to get some of my returning teammates to get involved simply because it’s a terrific program and I want them to have a great experience just like I did. Also, I feel like I got one up on other student-athletes that didn’t get the same privilege. I feel more prepared for the real world than I originally did.

Q: If not basketball, what would you like to get into as a career following graduation?
A: Following graduation, if basketball wouldn’t be possible I would like to stick around sports as much as possible, so sports agent or sports analyst immediately calls my name. I also have other interest like real estate or to become a sales representative for an equipment company. Also, after this internship program I could see myself working with development.