Postgame Quotes: Ohio State vs.Chicago State

Dec. 29, 2012

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Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On maintaining focus
"It has been a process of getting guys to understand and appreciate what it takes to get your mind ready to play every single minute you take the floor. From the standpoint of coaching, we just have to keep showing them the film, practicing at an incredible level and seeing improvement every time we take the floor."

On missing free throws
"It became contagious there. Obviously we have to shoot our free throws better. We also felt like going in to the game we have been putting our opponents on the line quite a bit."

On Ohio State's post play
"It is something we emphasize, trying to get the ball in the paint. Today presented some avenues for us, but we also missed some opportunities. We did get better as the game went on."

Deshaun Thomas, junior forward
On preparation of entering into the Big Ten games
"I feel we are. We have to make sure we trust each other and make sure we practice hard. We know everything game will be a fight, but Coach Matta has prepared us."

On court vision
"I am seeing the court a lot letter and it's because I'm growing as a player. I am learning when to make the extra pass when I have open teammate because I know I can trust them to make their shots."

Lenzelle Smith, Jr., junior guard
On foul shots
"I'm really disappointed in my foul shots and tonight let me know what I need to work on. I have to make sure when I have the opportunity to step to the foul line I make my shots."

On his inconsistence of perimeter shots against Chicago State
"When my shots are not falling I tell myself I have to figure out a way to get the ball into the basket. After I shot my third 3 and it didn't go in, I told myself stop shooting 3-pointers and get to the basket because that's where I'm the strongest."

Aaron Craft, junior guard
On Ohio State shooting overall
"Our shooting was better this game compared to the last few games when you look at our percentages. We are taking our shooting game a lot more seriously because we can not expect to make our shots during games without practicing them more."

On Chicago playing in the zone
"We were taking shots when we still had about 28 seconds left on the shot clock. We were kind of antsy at times when we were taking good shots but we could have better ones later on in the possession. As we started adjusting we began shooting more layups and attacking the gaps and getting shots which were earlier to make."

Tracy Dildy, Chicago State head coach
On the matchup with Ohio State
"We're a much better team than we showed in the second half. That's not to take anything away from Ohio State, who I really believe is a team that can contend for a national championship. They have the caliber of players that can carry this team to the Final Four. This is clearly the best team we've played."

On differences between the first and second half
"I think Ohio State had a lot to do with it. Of course, I think [Ohio State's] locker room was really interested in us at halftime. They came out in the second half and let us know that they were `the big boys.' They came and let us know that they are a top-10 team in the country. The second half was all Ohio State. We ran the same plays we ran in the first half and played the same people we did in the first half."

On what Chicago State can take away from this game
"It clearly helps us [down the road]. We're not going to face another team, other than UNLV, that is similar to this. We really feel good where we are, going into our conference. We're not going to see anyone like this anymore this year. No other team in our conference has played the schedule that we've played."