Postgame Quotes: Ohio State vs. UNC Asheville

Dec. 15, 2012

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Thad Matta Ohio State head coach
On Ohio State’s play in transition
"We wanted to score in transition more to have a greater push in the game. I think the spacing is getting better with our team, and we're getting the ball to the open man a lot better."

On Sam Thompson
"Sam is always great in transition. His speed gets him down the floor and he scored in a variety of ways in this game."

Sam Thompson, sophomore forward
On Ohio State’s play in transition
“We watched a lot of their film for the past couple of games and noticed they did not stop the ball well.  We knew Aaron Craft and Lenzelle Smith, Jr. could push the ball up the floor and we tried to capitalize on it.”

On shooting better offensively
“I was able to get a mid-range game going early on and that really got me going. Lenzelle [Smith, Jr.] found me in transition few times and it allowed me to get to the free throw line. “

On his dunk at the end of the game
“I didn’t have the space to get the ball all around, but Deshaun made a great pass. It helped me to get the crowd into the game and our guys fired up.”

Lenzelle Smith, Jr., junior guard
On Ohio State’s playing style
“I really enjoy this style of play. Playing this way helps us to confuse the opponent because they are not sure exactly who to guard - everyone is athletic and has possession of the ball. “

On conditioning
“We didn’t realize how much up and down we could get until we were forced to. Now we are trying to get out and run more. We try to keep the shot clock down to 22 seconds.”

On Keith Hornsby
“He is a great player and makes his shots. In the second half we put more defenders on him so he could score 18 points like he did in the first half. “

Evan Ravenel, senior forward
On having a height advantage
“We tried to take advantage of that early on. I know that we can do a lot in the post because they did not play their taller player. I had postposition, so my teammates and I attacked.”

On performance last few games
“These last few games I have felt a lot more comfortable making plays and the coaches putting the ball in my hands more. I am getting better at making open shots.” 

Eddie Biedenbach, UNC Asheville head coach
On the importance of playing tough teams
“This was a great game for our team and it was at a good time for us to come up here and play Ohio State. We look to build our team the entire year and these tough games are a part of what our team does every year. We hope to be good enough each year in our conference to get to the NCAA [Tournament] and when we do, we play teams like this.”

On his team’s performance
“The part I was most disappointed in was that we didn’t get back on defense. We also didn’t penetrate into the zone. We also didn’t do our job in man-to-man defense. Ohio State is a very good team but they should not be able to do that against us. I was disappointed in the way we played overall, but there were some bright points. I think if we can get together and play consistently, we can win our league and get back to the NCAA [Tournament].”