Postgame Quotes: Ohio State vs. Iowa

Jan. 22, 2013

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Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On Ohio State’s struggles during the Iowa comeback in the second half
“Our fouling hurt us; defensively we had a hard time. We kept putting them at the foul line. You have to finish the play with a defensive rebound and we did not do that. We were playing with the pressure of them playing catch up.”

On the overall game
“The first twenty minutes of the game we were affective. Then some odd things happened. In the league we are in right now we take the wins and celebrate them, but we need to look at how to better ourselves.”

On consistency
“We have been this way before in terms of searching for an identity. I have been in games like this before, where we have our moments. We are searching for consistence. I’ll take consistency over greatness. “

Amir Williams, sophomore forward
On his blocking performance
“Being able to block shots is something I need to work on.”

On his rebounding performance
“The fact that I had zero rebounds is unacceptable. I am better than having zero rebounds in a game so that will make us lose games. I have to try to get around seven rebounds a game.”

Aaron Craft, junior guard
On Ohio State’s offensive play
“Personally I had a couple turnovers and they got to the free throw line pretty early but you have to try to make plays at the end. We did not get to finish the game the way we wanted to but we have to better ourselves for next week.”

On breaking the Ohio State career steals record
“It’s a great honor but we have much more to worry about than individual awards. I probably would not have achieved it if some of the other players stayed this year.”

Evan Ravenel, senior forward
On defensive pressure from Iowa
“Taking care of the ball and knocking down free throws was free points for us. We have to take advantage of that. The game was pretty physical, and they put pressure on us.”

On the win
“We always are going to be happy to get the win but not about how we got the win.”

Fran McCaffery, Iowa head coach
On Iowa’s second-half comeback
“We had some chances early in the second half where we didn’t convert; we kept getting it to the rim but then we’d only have a couple lay-ups. At least, we dug in defensively. Once we started going with the big line-up, that slowed the game down a little bit, and we started to chip away at the score.”

On his team’s patience during the comeback
“They were up by 24 with a substantial amount of time left. A lot of times, teams don’t have the maturity or the patience to try to chip away; but that’s what we did.”

On the full-court pressure in the second half
“We had been pressuring them before but it was a little more effective with the big lineup. Once we got a couple steals, we got them a little bit sideways with their offense. They were pretty comfortable; they were shooting a good percentage and getting the ball where it needed to get to. By scrambling a little bit and pressing and trapping, there were a couple turnovers and a couple run-outs, and some easy baskets. That’s how you have to do it.”

On changing the energy of the game
“We were scrambling so you have to make plays and get a couple steals. We reacted pretty well. And then suddenly, someone throws an alley-oop and it’s over the guy’s head. Next thing you know, the entire complexion of the game has changed.”

On missed free throws
“We had been so good in that area. We were the best in the league, I think. We missed 13 in a nine-point loss. That’s disappointing.”