Postgame Quotes: Ohio State vs. Nebraska

Jan. 2, 2013

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Thad Matta, Ohio State head coach
On tonight’s game
“I was really happy with Deshaun [Thomas] because they threw something defensively at him that was a little different. He and the other guys handled it really well. We seemed to have more of an understanding of what we needed to do every time we went down the court.”

On Ohio State’s defense
“The defense was very effective. The guys were communicating well. Nebraska ran a lot of different things in the first half and we were able to pick up on them over the course of the game.”

On the play of Aaron Craft
“I thought Aaron [Craft] was tremendous. He did a couple things that no one would even be able to pick up on. There were elements of scouting that were touched on [in practice] and his ability to see it and react it as quick as he does [in the game] is amazing.”

Aaron Craft, junior guard
On Amir Williams’ performance
“It’s great to have a center. [Williams] has been playing great coming in and understanding where he can impact the game: blocking shots, altering shots, offensive rebounds. These little things make a big impact on our team.”

On the Buckeyes’ defensive effort
“We’re beginning to understand when we communicate and talk on the floor, we are able to be more effective. [Any player] is capable of going off every night, so it’s important for us to tune in every night and play strong defense.”

On adjusting to facing a zone defense
“We have experience with it and we can continue to attack it. The biggest thing is to not let them make us play slow on offense. We tried to attack gaps and get in the middle of the zone to get better shots.”

Deshaun Thomas, junior forward
On starting off the game strong
“I came into this game and wanted to start off well. The whole teams started out well, we got out defensively and were making our shots. Every game is going to be tough in the Big Ten. We have to be ready and have our game right every night.”

On improving his passing game
“This is a part of me growing as a player. I watch other players and the best ones get their teammates involved.”

Amir Williams, sophomore center
On his performance against the Cornhuskers
“Coach Matta wants me to be a force around the basket. I think I did good job around the basket today with four blocks and altering their shots.”

On facing other centers in the Big Ten
“Every team has a center that can score, it’s going to be a challenge and I’m up for it. I have confidence with myself that I can match up with anyone in the Big Ten.”

Tim Miles, Nebraska head coach
On Ohio State
“I thought they did a good job on their interior defense. We were something like 11-for-35 on 2 [pointers] and that’s just ineffective basketball. I thought they did a nice job. We couldn’t get a tally going inside the paint at all.”

On Deshaun Thomas and the Ohio State offense
“They’re so good with their dribble-drive stuff. Thomas is so good at his all around game that I don’t think you can give him a steady drive on defense and expect to be successful.”

On Nebraska’s challenging upcoming schedule
“Let’s just say the Big Ten office didn’t get a Christmas card from me.”