Ohio State and Professional Baseball

Currently In The Majors


Eric Fryer
St. Louis Cardinals
Ohio State (2005-07)
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Currently In The Minors

Jacob Bosiokovic
First Baseman
Ohio State (2013-16)
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Troy Montgomery
Ohio State (2014-16)
MiLB: Stats, Bio, Etc.

Ronnie Dawson
Ohio State (20014-16)
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Connor Sabanosh
Ohio State (2012-14)
MiLB: Stats, Bio, Etc.

Tanner Tully
Ohio State (2014-16)
MiLB: Stats, Bio, Etc.

Nick Sergakis
Ohio State (20014-16)
MiLB: Stats, Bio, Etc.

Cory Luebke
Ohio State (2005-07)
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Brad Goldberg
Ohio State (2011-13)
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John Kuchno
Ohio State (2011-12)
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Jaron Long
Ohio State (2012-13)
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Travis Lakins
Ohio State (20014-15)
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Brett McKinney
Ohio State (2009-13)
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Drew Rucinski
Ohio State (2008-11)
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Pat Porter
Ohio State (2012-15)
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Ryan Riga
Ohio State (2013-15)
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J.B. Shuck
Ohio State (2006-08)
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Alex Wimmers
Ohio State (2008-10)
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52 Buckeyes have played at least one game in the Major Leagues.

Ohio State and Major League Baseball

According to Baseball Reference, 52 Buckeyes have played at least one game in the Major Leagues, including three Buckeyes last season: Nick Swisher with the Cleveland Indians/Atlanta Braves, Eric Fryer with the Minnesota Twins, J.B. Shuck with the Chicago White Sox and Drew Rucinski with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The following players have played in one or more Major League Baseball games from 1901-2015.

Atlanta Braves
Barry Bonnell (1977-79)
Nick Swisher (2015)

Boston Braves
John Dagenhard (1943)

Baltimore Orioles
Matt Angle (2011)
Scott Klingenbeck (1994-95)
Scott Meadows (1988)

Boston Red Sox
Galen Cisco (1961-62, 1967)
Marty Karow (927)
Willie Tarbert (1927-28)
Harry Workman (1924)

Chicago White Sox
Chuck Brinkman (1969-74)
James Geddes (1972-73)
William Sharp (1973-75)
Nick Swisher (2008)
J.B. Shuck (2015)

Cincinnati Reds
Dave Burba (1995-97)
John Edwards (1961-67)
Ollie Klee (1925)
Scott Klingenbeck (1998)

Cleveland Indians
Steve Arlin (1974)
Dave Burba (1998-2002)
Scott Lewis (2008-2009)
Patrick McNulty (1922, 1924-27)
Russ Nagelson (1968-70)
Ron Nischwitz (1963)
Bill Wertz (1993-94)
Nick Swisher (2012-15)
J.B. Shuck (2014)

Colorado Rockies
Josh Newman (2007)

Detroit Tigers
Frank Howard (1972-73)
Russ Nagelson (1970)
Ron Nischwitz (1961-62, 1965)
Joe Sparma (1964-69)
George Spencer (1958, 1960)

Houston Astros
John Edwards (1969-74)
J.B. Shuck (2011)

Kansas City Royals
Galen Cisco (1969)
Josh Newman (2008)

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Drew Rucinski (2014-2015)

Los Angeles Dodgers
Frank Howard (1958-64)

Milwaukee Brewers
William Sharp (1975-76)
Dave Burba (2003-04)

Minnesota Twins
Mike Durant (1996)
Eric Fryer (2014)
Scott Klingenbeck (1995-96)
Warren Renick (1968-72)
Eric Fryer (2014-15)

Montreal Expos
Joe Sparma (1970)

New York Giants
George Spencer (1950-55)

New York Mets
Galen Cisco (1962-65)

New York Yankees
Nick Swisher (2007-12)

Oakland Athletics
Nick Swisher (2004-07)

Philadelphia Phillies
Donald Grate (1945-46)
Russell Miller (1927-28)

Pittsburgh Pirates
Chuck Brinkman (1974)
Eric Fryer (2011-12)

St. Louis Cardinals
John Edwards (1968)
Harold Kime (1920)

San Diego Padres
Steve Arlin (1969-74)
Cory Luebke (2010-12)

San Francisco Giants
Dave Burba (1992-95, 2004)
Mark Dempsey (1982)

Seattle Mariners
Barry Bonnell (1984-86)
Dave Burba (1990-91)

Texas Rangers
Frank Howard (1972)
Dave Burba (2002)

Washington Senators
Frank Howard (1965-71)
Fred Taylor (1950-52)

Toronto Blue Jays
Barry Bonnell (1980-83)

Ohio State's Professional Baseball Signees

Year Buckeye Club Drafted/Signed By
2016 Ronnie Dawson Houston Astros (2nd)
2016 Troy Montgomery Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (8th)
2016 Jacob Bosiokovic Colorado Rockies (19th)
2016 Michael Horeksei Chicago White Sox (21st)
2016 Nick Sergakis New York Mets (23rd)
2016 Tanner Tully Cleveland Indians (26th)
2015 Ryan Riga Chicago White Sox (13th)
2015 Pat Porter Houston Astros (15th)
2015 Travis Lakins Boston Red Sox (6th)
2014 Greg Greve Miami Marlins (29th)
2013 Brett McKinney Pittsburgh Pirates (19th)
2013 Kirby Pellant Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (26th)
2012 John Kuchno Pittsburgh Pirates (18th)
2011 Drew Rucinski Cleveland Indians (FA)
2010 Alex Wimmers Minnesota Twins (1st)
2010 Dan Burkhart San Francisco Giants (10th)
2010 Zach Hurley Oakland A's (29th)
2009 Jake Hale Arizona Diamondbacks (27th)
2008 J.B. Shuck Houston Astros (6th)
2008 Dan DeLucia Detroit Tigers (31st)
2007 Cory Luebke San Diego Padres (1st)
2007 Matt Angle Baltimore Orioles (7th)
2007 Eric Fryer Milwaukee Brewers (9th)
2006 Ronnie Bourquin Detroit Tigers (2nd)
2006 Jedidiah Stephen Baltimore Orioles (8th)
2005 Mike Madsen Oakland Athletics (21st)
2005 Trent Luyster Toronto Blue Jays (30th)
2004 Scott Lewis Cleveland Indians (3rd)
2004 Drew Anderson Cincinnati Reds (13th)
2004 Josh Newman Colorado Rockies (19th)
2003 Christian Snavely Toronto Blue Jays (6th)
2003 Matt Davis Cleveland Indians (7th)
2002 Nick Swisher Oakland Athletics (1st)
2002 Doug Deeds Minnesota Twins (9th)
2002 E.J. Laratta San Diego Padres (26th)
2002 Joe Wilkins Arizona Diamondbacks (FA)
2001 Kevin Goodrum New York Yankees (35th)
2000 Jason Turner New York Yankees (FA)
1999 Justin Fry Philadelphia Phillies (26th)
1999 Kurt Fullenkamp Atlanta Braves (FA)
1999 Andy Lee Independent Pro League
1999 Mike Lockwood Oakland Athletics (23rd)
1998 Mark Carek New York Yankees (23rd)
1998 Mike Kremblas Toronto Blue Jays (8th)
1998 Mike Stafford Toronto Blue Jays (41st)
1998 Eric Thompson Oakland Athletics (12th)
1997 Alex Eckelman St. Louis Cardinals (FA)
1996 Mike Biehle New York Yankees (75th)
1996 Matt Buirley Montreal Expos (18th)
1996 Ron Nelson Texas Rangers (16th)
1996 Bob Spears Independent Pro League
1995 Kevan Cannon Boston Red Sox (13th)
1995 Scott Kaczmar Independent Pro League
1995 Brian Mannino Independent Pro League
1995 Andy Noffke Boston Red Sox (15th)
1994 Matt Beaumont California Angels (4th)
1994 Chris Granata Cleveland Indians (34th)
1994 Chad Hale Boston Red Sox (FA)
1994 Gary Jones Colorado Rockies (34th)
1994 Roy Marsh Houston Astros (10th)
1994 Jonathan Sweet Pittsburgh Pirates (19th)
1993 Tony Khoury Chicago Cubs (FA)
1993 Joe Robinson Independent Pro League
1992 Scott Klingenbeck Baltimore Orioles (5th)
1992 Mark Mesewicz Pittsburgh Pirates (25th)
1992 Mike Mulligan Independent Pro League
1992 Jamie Taylor Cleveland Indians (5th)
1992 Ken Tirpack Minnesota Twins (21st)
1992 Doug Wollenburg Atlanta Braves (29th)
1992 Bob Worley Seattle Mariners (17th)
1991 Chad Amos Boston Red Sox (12th)
1991 Mike Durant Minnesota Twins (2nd)
1991 Greg Frey Detroit Tigers (62nd)
1991 Tom Schwarber Detroit Tigers (22nd)
1991 Tim Smith Oakland Athletics (5th)
1991 Blase Sparma Atlanta Braves (3rd)
1989 Bill Wertz Cleveland Indians (31st)
1988 John McCormick Kansas City Royals (FA)
1987 Dave Burba Seattle Mariners (2nd)
1987 James Townsend California Angels (FA)
1986 Mike Curtis Chicago Cubs (FA)
1986 Park Pittman Minnesota Twins (FA)
1985 Bill Cunningham Montreal Expos (FA)
1985 John Minch Oakland Athletics (FA)
1984 Tom Woleslagel New York Yankees (FA)
1983 Robbie Cobb Montreal Expos (FA)
1983 Doug Swearingen Seattle Mariners (FA)
1980 Mark Dempsey San Francisco Giants (26th)
1977 Paul Semall New York Yankees (FA)
1975 Barry Bonnell Philadelphia Phillies (1st)
1971 Bill Sharp Chicago White Sox (2nd)
1970 Jim Geddes Chicago White Sox (6th)
1966 Steve Arlin Philadelphia Phillies (1st)
1966 Chuck Brinkman Chicago White Sox (16th)
1966 Russ Nagelson Cleveland Indians (14th)
1965 Rick Renick Minnesota Twins (FA)
1963 Joe Sparma Detroit Tigers (FA)
1961 Galen Cisco Boston Red Sox (FA)
1959 Johnny Edwards Cincinnati Reds (FA)
1958 Frank Howard Los Angeles Dodgers (FA)
1958 Ron Nischwitz Detroit Tigers (FA)
1953 Vic Janowicz Pittsburgh Pirates (FA)
1950 George Spencer New York Giants
1950 Fred Taylor Washington Senators
1945 Don Grate Philadelphia Phillies
1943 John Dagenhard Boston Braves
1941 Stan Goletz Chicago White Sox
1927 Russ Miller Philadelphia Phillies
1927 Arlie Tarbert Boston Red Sox
1927 Marty Karow Boston Red Sox
1924 Harry Workman Boston Red Sox
1925 Ollie Klee Cincinnati Reds
1922 Pat McNulty Cleveland Indians
1921 Harold Kime St. Louis Cardinals
1915 Rollin Cook St. Louis Browns

( ) indicates round; FA indicates free agent signee