2016 - 2017 Brutus Tryout Information

You must turn in the following items at the beginning of tryouts to be able to participate. All forms but the sickle Cell Trait Test are available in the tryout information packet:

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The following is an excerpt from a commencement speech delivered by Woody Hayes on March 14th, 1986 to OSU graduates:

"I would like to start with something I have used in almost every speech, and this is, 'paying forward.' And that is the thing that you folks can do with your great education for the rest of your life. Try to take that attitude toward life - that you're going to pay forward. So seldom can we pay back because those who helped most--your parents and other people--will be gone, but you'll find that you do want to pay. Emerson had something to say about that: "You can pay back only seldom." But he said, "You can always pay forward, and you must pay line for line, deed for deed, and cent for cent." He said, "Beware of too much good accumulating in your palm or it will fast corrupt." That was Emerson's attitude, and no one put it better than he did."
Each student that has had the honor of representing Brutus, especially the last couple of decades, has taken the approach that it is time to "pay it forward" to the University that has given each of us so much. Now it is your turn. It takes tremendous effort, dedication, and devotion for you to continue the great tradition of Brutus at The Ohio State University- but becoming the character is the great joy of each Brutus' time as an undergraduate and indeed will transform your relationship with your alma mater for the rest of your life. Are you ready?

Brutus Prerequisite Tryout Information

All candidates in the Spirit Program must truly embody the "student-athlete", whereby playing the character is secondary only to your academic pursuits at The Ohio State University. To be considered for Brutus, candidates must meet the tryout pre-requisite requirements listed below:
  • Be a current, enrolled student at The Ohio State University, Main Campus by by the tryout completion date
  • At least freshman status during the semester of your tryout
  • In good academic standing dictated by the NCAA / Big Ten Standard
  • Commit to at least 15 hours a week for team related commitments
  • Cumulative GPA of a 2.0 or higher. (Once on the team, a student-athlete must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or higher, in order to remain on the team. In addition, all student athletes must abide by the standards & requirements dictated by the Brutus Buckeye Code of Conduct)

Pre-tryout Opportunities

Interested candidates are strongly encouraged to attend at least one information session, one Brutus head time session, & the Brutus Mascot prep clinic. You must provide the mascot coach with the following information before you can participate in any costume related opportunities:

  • Next Semester's Class Schedule (Non-Freshman)
  • Letter of acceptance (Incoming Freshman / Transfer Students)
  • Pre-Participation physical examination

Information Session (Attendance strongly encouraged)

This is an informational session where interested candidates will learn about the Brutus Buckeye program. We will cover:
  • Program Overview
  • Commitment Requirements
  • Tryout Process
    • Interview
    • Character Development
    • Skits
  • Q&A Session

Candidates will also have the opportunity to interface with the mascot coach and individuals who have recently been Brutus Buckeye.

Information Session Date Time Location
1 March 20th 2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Bronze Brutus Statue
(Ohio Union)
2 Aoril 2nd 2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Bronze Brutus Statue
(Ohio Union)

Brutus Buckeye Costume Times (Attendance strongly encouraged)

This is an opportunity to get some time & experience in the costume while getting instruction from the mascot coach & other individuals who have recently been Brutus Buckeye on how to correctly portray the character. These are your best opportunities to get comfortable in the costume prior to the tryout process.
*When you come to French Field house use the main entrance doors on the Stadium side. These are located on the Southeast side of FFH right across from St. John Arena.

Costume Time Session Date Time Location
1 March 21st 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. French Field House
2 March 28th 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. French Field House
3 April 4th 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. French Field House
4 April 11th 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. French Field House

Brutus Buckeye Clinic (Attendance strongly encouraged)

This is a clinic in which you will be receiving past perspective on what it is like being America's favorite nut, & tips on how to set yourself up to make the team. Brutus Buckeye clinic will prepare you for tryouts and provide you perspective on being a part of the 2016 - 2017 teams. You begin the day with the privilege of hearing from a panel of past Bruti on some of the experiences they had during their tenure in the program. You will learn Brutus' character, walk, poses, & emotions. There will be skit and improvisation exercises. Furthermore, you will have one-on-one time with former Bruti & can get their perspectives & advice on becoming this beloved character.

Brutus Clinic Date Time Location
1 April 3rd 9 a.m. - Noon Steelwood Athletic Training Facility

Brutus Tryouts Dates & Times

Interviews: April 23rd - 9 a.m. at the Ohio Union

Your interview time will be determined at the Final Costume Time Session on Monday 4/11/2016. Each candidate will meet with a committee comprised of a variety of Brutus Buckeye alumni, athletic department officials, and/or coaches. Please arrive 10 minutes early dressed in business professional attire.

Final Costume Time: April 23rd - 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. at French Field House

This will be your final opportunity to get some time in the outfit, & ask any last minute questions that you may have. It also will give you an opportunity to interact with past Bruti & get any last minute advice you may be looking for.

Impromptu & Skit Round: April 24th - 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. at French Field House & St. John Arena

The second day is the evaluation of how well you portray Brutus' character in the various situations he may experience on a daily basis. You will also be tested on your ability to make a creative skit.

Team Selection

Upon conclusion of tryouts, and after a deliberation period, the team will be announced. A post tryout dinner / meet & greet will occur for the candidates who make the team and for their families to meet the coach and some of the alumni of the program (time & location TBD). If you have any questions in regards to the information listed above, please contact Ray Sharp at Sharp.255@osu.edu.