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Cheerleading Tryout Information

You must turn in the following items at the beginning of tryouts to be able to participate:

  • Signed and completed Medical Release form
  • Signed and completed Athletic Participation Form
  • A 5x7 or larger head shot attached (not stapled)
  • Proof of a physical within the last 12 months. Physical must include date and physician signature.
  • ALL Ohio State Cheerleading Tryout INFORMATION and FORMS

Reminder: Failure to have these forms will result in you not participating in tryouts!

2014-2015 Tryout Dates
April 11, 12, 13
Procedures for tryouts listed below:

Day 1 - First Cuts - tumbling skills / motions - learn all material for tryout
Day 2 - Open Practice and Interview
Day 3 - Final Cuts

Cheerleading Tryouts for the scarlet and gray teams:

ALL participants must arrive early for an examination by the OSU training staff. If you are 17 years or younger - you MUST have a legal guardian present to fill out and sign paper work! Please have a pen with you for this procedure.

All required skills, tryout rules and regulations are stated in this packet.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail if you have any further questions. I will not take or make any phone calls pertaining to tryouts. We wish you the best of luck during tryouts!

Steve Chorba
Interim Head Coach - Spirit Program | Ohio State Athletics
Fawcett Center 5th floor | 2400 Olentangy River Rd. | Columbus, OH 43210
Email: Chorba.11@osu.edu


Ohio State University Tryout Procedures

Tryout Weekend Schedule of Events:

This schedule is for information purposes only and is subject to change. Please bookmark and check this web site regularly for any updates. All times are approximate.

Any out of town candidates are responsible for their own overnight housing and expenses during the tryout. For hotel reservations please go to www.experiencecolumbus.com

FRIDAY - 4:30 - French Field House

  • Sign in / participation clearance by OSU administration. You can find the liability waiver link in this packet.
  • 60 minute warm-up
  • First cuts - demonstrate your best standing tumbling and long tumbling on a foam floor. Demonstrate Motions.
  • First cuts will be made by coaching staff & alumni cheerleaders
  • Learn the Fight Song / Mini Routine / Chant - you will be required to place your best standing tumbling and stunting into the learned routine
  • Sign up for interviews.

SATURDAY - Open Practice in French 9:00 AM-12:00, Interview Time 5:00 PM-9:00 PM

  • Interviews with alumni cheerleaders, OSU administration
  • Times according to your sign up

SUNDAY - 9:00 AM - French Field House and St. John Arena The tryout will start in FFH. Final round will be in St. John Arena

  • Sign in and get numbers
  • 40 minute warm-up
  • Perform routine, and Chant that will be judged by outside judges comprised of alumni cheerleaders
  • Lunch Break (Lunch will not be provided)
  • Perform Fight Song in St. John Arena
  • Announcement of team

NOTE: The team will be announced following the tryout.

Tryout Requirements:


Please be aware this is an important part of the selection process. You should be "game ready" at all times throughout the weekend.

Ladies: We ask that you have game make-up on at all times and have your hair styled as if you were at a game. You may wear bows if you like. Hint: sloppy bangs are looked down upon.

Gentlemen: You must be clean shaven and have trimmed hair - No earrings!


  • If you are a female candidate you will be asked to wear a leotard and black shorts Sunday during the final selection.
  • If you are a male candidate you will be asked to wear a white or gray shirt and black shorts during the final selection
  • All athletic t-shirts must be tucked in for both males and females


  • It is very important that you remember you are trying out for a very high profile position representing The Ohio State University
  • We are looking for All-American, collegiate looking males and females.
  • Gentleman - it's important you are clean shaven. Facial hair is not permitted at any time and will not be allowed throughout the season.
  • DO NOT wear anything during the selection that features another school or university.
  • No piercings or jewelry
  • Tattoos should be covered

STANDING TUMBLING that may be displayed:

Ladies: Standing tuck, Standing handspring tuck, cartwheel tuck, toe touch tuck

Gentlemen: It is recommended that each candidate perform a standing tuck. We would like all males to execute at least one other tumbling skill than the required standing tuck.

*Tumbling may be spotted, however scores will be adjusted accordingly.

  • All material should be executed in a collegiate manner, conducive to college athletics
  • Excessive facials, arm waving and wide motions are not encouraged
  • Gentlemen will be required to use megaphones
  • Ladies will be required to use poms

STUNTING desired skills:


  • Toss Liberty
  • Stretch full down
  • Optional stunt - optional stunt does not have to include a transition, although it is encouraged


  • Toss Liberty
  • Stretch full down
  • Optional stunt - optional stunt does not have to include a transition, although it is encouraged

2014-2015 Ohio State University Cheerleading Team Commitment

Your responsibility as a cheerleader for The Ohio State University is to perform for all assigned games, rallies, community functions, and (if selected) UCA Collegiate Nationals. It is each member's job to motivate the crowd and get them involved in Buckeye Spirit. Cheerleaders must exhibit collegiate behavior inside and outside of team functions and all practices and events are mandatory. Please review the below information for a general guide to the required commitment.


  • Members of The Ohio State University Cheerleading Team receive priority scheduling and therefore are required to schedule around lifting and practices.


  • July 23: Report to OSU
  • July 24-July 30: Practices with emphasis on camp prep, football, skills
  • July 31- August 3: UCA College Camp (MANDATORY)
  • August 13-August 26: Practices with emphasis on football, band dances/cheers, game skills


  • Practices 2x per week

  • AM Tuesday, Thursday
  • Lifting 2x per week

  • AM Monday / Wednesday
  • Home Football Games
  • Select Women's Volleyball Games
  • Home Men's Basketball Games and Women's Basketball Games
  • Nationals Practices: Winter Break

  • Note: All cheerleaders are required to cheer scheduled games over winter break.
    Those selected for the Nationals team will be required to practice over break.
  • Campus and community events


  • January 16-18: UCA Collegiate National Championship
  • Practices 2x per week
  • Lifting 2x per week
  • Home Men's Basketball Games and Women's Basketball Games
  • Campus and community events

Question and Answers:

Question: Can I bring my own partner for my personal tryout?

Answer: No, it will not do the OSU cheerleading program any good to have people stunting with you who will not be a part of the program. The only exception to this is if the number of females exceeds the number of males during the tryout process. In that situation we will bring in alumni cheerleaders to help with the stunting process.

Question: Will all stunts be spotted at the selection weekend even if I can do the stunt?

Answer: YES! All stunts will be spotted for safety purposes.

Question: Do former members always make the team each year, or do they have to tryout each year?

Answer: Veteran members must tryout each year.

Question: How do I get a partner to tryout with?

Answer: There are a few ways to get a partner:

  1. Get in touch with someone ahead of time that you may know in the program.
  2. Attend the stunting clinics in the spring to meet current members. See website for dates and locations.
  3. If needed, one of the coaches will help pair you with someone during the tryout process.


After the tryout process, you will be required to stay for a short meeting to learn more about your obligations and schedules.

The decision will be final. If you would like advice on areas of improvement following the tryout, you may contact Steve Chorba via e-mail.


The scarlet team will consist of up to 12 male and 12 female participants. The team number may be less due to the talent level during the tryout process.

  • The scarlet team will cheer all home football games and a selected group for away football games (restrictions apply).
  • The scarlet team will cheer both home men's and women's basketball games.
  • If skills are not maintained, members may be moved from the scarlet team to a position on the gray team.

The gray team will consist of up to 8 male and 8 female participants. The team number may be less due to the talent level and scores during the tryout process.

  • The gray team will cheer select home football games.
  • The gray team will cheer both home men's basketball and women's games.
  • If skills are not maintained, members may be moved from the gray team to an alternate position on the gray team. Alternates do not cheer games.

If skills levels increase on the gray team, there may be opportunity for a gray team member to cheer with the scarlet team.

ALTERNATES: Alternates may not travel to any games. They will practice and attend promotional events.

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