Brutus Buckeye

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Position: Mascot Extraordinaire
Height: 6'0 - 6'9 Depending on if it rains
City/State: Old Columbus town, Ohio
Alma Mater: THE Ohio State University

Career Notes:

  • The ultimate multi-sport year round athlete at The Ohio State University
  • Appears at more than 500 Sporting/Non- Sporting events each year
  • Known for his extreme athleticism & goofy antics both on and off the field
  • Talents include: Head Banging, Head Stands, Buck Tucks, Dancing, Fake singing, Playing the Drums, Listening, & Striking amazing Poses
  • 2007 Mascot Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2006 Survivor of a giant squirrel attack caught live during an Interview by Jon Stewart from Comedy Central
  • Five time Capital One Mascot Challenge competitor including a 2nd place finish
  • Placed 7th in the 2011-2012 Universal Cheerleaders Association National Championship in Orlando Florida
  • Has partaken in an actual aerobics class with Richard Simmons and the ESPN broadcast crew
  • The Ohio State University Push-up Champion 49 years running (Even when he had no arms)
  • Has a pet squirrel named Eleanor
  • Has taught multiple people How to Douggie
  • Aspires to one day pass legislation that prohibits the consumption of nuts of all kind by both humans & rodents alike.
  • Wears the actual hat from Woody Hayes first ever game that he coached here at Ohio State
  • Enjoys hanging amongst the trees in Buckeye Grove & visiting his abundance of cousins scattered all throughout the state.
  • 2015 UCA mascot national champion

High School:

  • Due to his oversized head & brain, Brutus actually scored a 200 on his IQ test from birth & was offered a full ride scholarship directly in to Ohio State immediately after emerging from his POD negating the need for any form of intermediate schooling.


  • Born 1967 in Columbus, Ohio
  • Tree Parents: Woody & Belle Buckeye
  • Human Parents: Ray Bouhris & Sally Lanyon

Personal Friends & Influences:

  • Archie Griffin
  • Woody Hayes
  • Trees
  • Chip the Buffalo
  • Urban & Shelley Meyer/Every coach in the athletic department
  • Stinger
  • Crew Cat
  • The Cincinnati Bear Cat
  • Who Dey
  • Chomps
  • Zippy
  • Swoop
  • Ohio State Faculty & Staff

Rivals & Enemies:

  • Goldy the Gopher (Eats Nuts)
  • Rufus the Kittycat (Imposter)
  • Bucky the Badger (Eats…Everything)
  • Sparty (No comment)
  • All things M*ch*gan