Competitors Ready For NCAA Rifle

Go Buckeyes! Smallbore Friday
Go Buckeyes!
Smallbore Friday
Go Buckeyes!

March 9, 2012

The competitors for the 2012 NCAA Rifle Championships are ready for some great competition. Smallbore preliminaries and finals will take place Friday at Converse Hall and the air rifle competition is set for Saturday at French Field House, all on the campus of The Ohio State University.

At Thursday's championship banquet, a number of the competitors shared their thoughts on the upcoming championship:

Mats Eriksson, Alaska-Fairbanks "I think we are all very excited just to compete and do our best of course. We changed a bit in our way of thinking about practicing and everybody wants to try it out for real now, so that will be fun"

Mike Kulbacki, West Virginia University "We're just looking to come have a good time. We're looking to shoot how we've been shooting all year and just have fun and enjoy ourselves."

Caitlin Morrissey, Texas Christian University "We've had a really great season. We're really looking forward to finishing it strong and hopefully everybody having a great time here in Columbus."

Ethan Settlemires, University of Kentucky "We're coming into it with level heads trying not to live too much on last year and just have fun. We've been preparing all year for it. We don't want to think about anything and not have any expectations of ourselves other than doing well on the range and not chasing any numbers We're not trying to repeat anything, just trying to stay confident."

Sam Muegge, Jacksonville State "Naturally we want to shoot our best, but we're also here to represent our school and have a good time."

Cole Tucker Jacksonville State "We're excited glad to be here. We're just trying to do the best we can this weekend."

Amanda Furrer, Ohio State "I prepared all year for it. I'm just expecting the best. I'm hoping to win it this year. I worked really hard this year in weight training and shooting on the range. I have a lot of experience and I think it's about time I show it off."



Abbey Stanec, Ole Miss "I think the goal every year is to get to NCAAs and work so hard all season. Now everything is just bonus. Shoot the best we can and it's the last day so finish off the season strong."

Kelly Buck, Army "We're just looking forward to shooting some of the best scores we've shot all season here and doing our best and hopefully coming out higher than we have in past years."

Hannah Muegge, UTEP "I'm just hoping to pull out a good team score this weekend. Get everyone to try to do their best. We've been growing this year but haven't had everyone have a great day on the same day. We are hoping to pull that off this weekend, and just hoping to bring something back since it's the first time in the program we've gone to NCAAs."