Friends of Buckeye Fencing
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Dear Alumni, Friends and Family,

The Friends of Buckeye Fencing program was founded in 1999, and has continued to be a source of much needed support for this team. It has helped, not only to attract top fencers from around the world, but to provide an opportunity that has allowed us to ensure that anyone that wants to work hard and fence for The OSU has a facility to reach the best of their potential.

Equipment does not last forever and there is always a competition between universities when it comes to recruiting top teams. Your generous donations will help this program to continue to grow. It will allow us to replace and/or improve our equipment. It will allow us to travel to much needed competitions. It will ensure a victorious future for this team and great university. As an incentive, we have gotten permission from the university to offer you a gift, in return for your support. I know that it can never fully represent the appreciation that is felt by this team, my staff or myself, but I want you to understand how important it is for the students, whose lives you are influencing with your generosity.

Thank you for your enduring contributions,

Vladimir Nazlymov
Head Coach

Friends of Buckeye Fencing

“Participating on the OSU Fencing Team played a very special role in enhancing my college experience, it provided life lessons which I continue to utilize in my professional career and personal life. What a great time it was to learn the importance of teamwork, focus, perseverance, time management, self-reliance and strategic thinking. Yet, many deserving young men and women fencers will not experience this because many universities around the country have dropped their varsity fencing programs due to a lack of financial resources. We are fortunate that The Ohio State University deems it important to keep the varsity fencing program, staffed with world-class coaches, even though it is not a revenue-producing program. We can and must ensure this continues by supporting the fencing program with our monetary donations.”

Michael Broidy
Senior VP of Corporate Affairs
Schottenstein Stores Corp.

It has been my personal pleasure and honor to support the OSU Fencing program. I was a member of the fencing team during my undergraduate years (1963 - 1966). Being a member of the team enhanced my university experience and my life. Playing for OSU was a great opportunity for this small town Ohio kid.

Coach Nazlymov has brought his expertise and his infectious spirit of excellence to our University. He has recruited and developed hard-working, dedicated and intelligent athletes who have made OSU’s fencing program one of the top in the United States. This coach and this fencing program deserve our support to continue their tremendous success, and to bring honor to themselves, their supporters and the University.

Dr. Donald Boger

Athletes need several things in order to succeed; talent, drive, hard work, and confidence to name a few. However, without firm support around them, like the right equipment, good coaches for guidence, and financial aid... athletes can be left behind. Athletic programs also need the right fuel to keep them moving in a positive direction. If The Ohio State Fencing Program is dear to you, help strengthen them and protect the future of our team.

Boaz Ellis
2004, 2005, 2006 NCAA Individual Champion
2004-2006 1st Team All-American