Buckeyes Compete At Elite Invitational

Nov. 23, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State fencing team completed competition at University of Pennsylvania’s Elite Invitational this Saturday in Philadelphia, Pa. The Buckeyes finished with a 7-4 record, with the men’s squad at 3-2 and the women’s squad at 4-2.

The men’s squad squared off with University of Notre Dame, Air Force, Princeton University, University of North Carolina, and University of Pennsylvania. The men defeated Air Force (22-5), Princeton (17-10), and UNC (25-2). The squad was narrowly defeated by Notre Dame, 13-14, and Penn 11-16.

The sabre squad led the men’s unit with a bout record of 33-12, led by Frederick Koch (13-2) and Fares Arfa (11-4). Iñaki de Guzman led the men’s epee unit, going 11-3 for the day.

The women’s unit took on Air Force, Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, University of North Carolina, and University of Notre Dame. The women defeated Air Force (20-7), Penn (15-12), Temple (14-13), and UNC (17-10). The group suffered close losses to Northwestern, 13-14, and Notre Dame, 11-16.

The women’s squad was led by the foil unit, which garnered a 44-10 bout-record. Eleanor Harvey went undefeated totaling 18 victories, and Alanna Goldie contributed a 16-2 record. The women’s epee squad earned a 33-21 record, led by Eugenia Falqui (11-5). Alexa Antipas was the difference maker for the sabre squad, tallying 13 of the unit’s 16 points.

Elite Invitational
Philadelphia, Pa.
Nov. 21, 2015



OSU def. Princeton, 17-10 (S: 6-3, F: 5-4, E: 6-3)
Notre Dame def. OSU, 14-13 (S: 3-6, F: 8-1, E: 3-6)
Penn def. OSU, 16-11 (S: 5-4, F: 7-2, E: 4-5)
OSU def. Air Force, 22-5 (S: 8-1, F: 8-1, E: 6-3)
OSU def. UNC, 25-2 (S: 9-0, F: 7-2, E: 9-0)

OSU def. Temple, 14-13 (S: 3-6, F: 6-3, E: 5-4)
Notre Dame def. OSU, 16-11 (S: 8-1, F: 2-7, E: 6-3)
OSU def. Penn, 15-12 (S: 3-6, F: 7-2, E: 5-4)
OSU def. Air Force, 20-7 (S: 5-4, F: 8-1, E: 7-2)
OSU def. UNC, 17-10 (S: 2-7, F: 7-2, E: 8-1)
Northwestern def. OSU, 14-13 (S: 7-2, F: 1-8, E: 6-3)

The Ohio State fencing team will travel to Baltimore, Md. for the December North American Cup from Dec. 4-7.