Fencing: No. 2 Ohio State Sweeps Through NYU Duals, 10-0

Go Buckeyes!
Go Buckeyes!

Go Buckeyes!


Buckeyes dominate Top 10 competition in first varsity collegiate competition of 2007-08 season

COLUMBUS, Ohio In its first competition of the season against varsity opponents, the second-ranked Ohio State fencing team went undefeated at 10-0 Saturday with wins over seven Top 10 teams at the New York University Duals in New York, N.Y. Both the OSU men’s and women’s squad were a perfect at 5-0 on the day.

The Ohio State women knocked off the nation’s No. 1-ranked women’s squad with a 15-12 win over Notre Dame. Other wins for the OSU women’s included a 20-3 win over No. 3 Columbia, an 18-6 win over No. 6 Northwestern, a 20-3 win over No. 7 St. John’s and a 25-2 win over host NYU.

The Ohio State men did not fence No. 1 Penn State, but notched wins over No. 3 Notre Dame (14-13), No. 4 St. John’s (18-4), No. 5 Columbia (19-8), Yale (19-8) and NYU (19-8).

The OSU women’s epee squad came up with a 6-3 win over Notre Dame to lead the Buckeyes to their upset win of the No. 1-ranked Fighting Irish. That group, which included Leslie Lampman, Elyse Gurnowski, Aleksandra Obrazcova and Kaela Brendler, went 31-14 overall on the day. The OSU women’s sabre trio of Falencia Miller, Eileen Grench and Siobhan Byrne went 34-11 overall during the competition. The OSU women’s foil squad of Julia Tikhonova, Lindsay Knauer, Oksana Dmytruk and Sarah Smith went 32-13 overall.

The OSU men’s foil team of Ben Parkins, Colin Sutter and Andras Horanyi went 36-9 on the day, including 7-2 against Notre Dame. The OSU men’s sabre team of Robert Douville, Sergey Smirnov, Mikhail Momtselidze and Dexter Wilde went 31-14. The OSU men’s epee squad of Mykhaylo Mazur, Jason Pryor, Sean Harder and Bishara Korkor went 30-16, including a 7-2 advantage over Notre Dame.

Next weekend, the Buckeyes travel to the Northwestern Duals in Evanston, Ill.

No. 2-Ranked Ohio State Men’s Fencing Team (5-0)
OSU 19, NYU 8 (Sabre 6-3, Foil 8-1, Epee 5-4)
OSU 18, No. 4 St. John’s 8 (Sabre 6-3, Foil 6-3, Epee 7-2)
OSU 19, No. 5 Columbia 8 (Sabre 5-4, Foil 9-0, Epee 5-4)
OSU 19, Yale 8 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 6-3, Epee 4-5)
OSU 14, No. 3 Notre Dame 13 (Sabre 5-4, Foil 7-2, Epee 2-7)

No. 2-Ranked Ohio State Women’s Fencing Team (5-0)
OSU 25, NYU 2 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 8-1, Epee 8-1)
OSU 20, No. 7 St. John’s 7 (Sabre 7-2, Foil 8-1, Epee 5-4)
OSU 20, No. 3 Columbia 7 (Sabre 5-4, Foil 8-1, Epee 7-2)
OSU 18, No. 6 Northwestern 9 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 4-5, Epee 5-4)
OSU 15, No. 1 Notre Dame 12 (Sabre 4-5, Foil 5-4, Epee 6-3)

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