Renewal Information

Dear Buckeye Club Member,
On behalf of our student-athletes, coaches and staff, thank you for your continued support of the Buckeye Club. Every dollar contributed is used to pay the scholarship costs for many of the 1,000+ student-athletes we have here at Ohio State. Renewing your membership in the Buckeye Club is critical to the continued success of our athletics program. In 2011, the cost of athletics scholarships exceeded $14.5 million. The Department of Athletics relies entirely on the revenues generated from our club to meet this obligation, which is why your support is so important.


To Renew Visit our homepage at Click on the "Renew/Join Buckeye Club 2013-14" icon at the top of the homepage. Select "I would like to RENEW my membership". For your Ticket Number and Donor ID, please refer to the renewal letter you recently received in the mail. Please note: If you are currently enrolled in the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) program, you do NOT need to renew online.

110% Team Please consider giving an additional 10% towards the 110% Team initiative. Our student-athletes are consistently pushing themselves to the limit, they ask now that you match their effort.

Contributors will receive a special Buckeye Leaf from one of the 1,000+ Ohio State student-athletes impacted by this extra effort, in addition to recognition in programs at OSU athletic events during the 2013-14 year.

Important Buckeye Club Updates Matching Gifts - Donors who take advantage of their employer's matching gift program to renew their Buckeye Club membership must make their personal contribution AND submit the matching gift form by December 31, 2013. This is to ensure that the matching gift is received by June 30, 2014, the conclusion of our fiscal year.

Monthly Payment Plan - Donors who participate in the Monthly Payment Plan/Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) cannot use a matching gift to fulfill their Buckeye Club pledge. The full amount of the Buckeye Club donation must be made by the donor. This option cannot be submitted electronically. See website for details.

One Payment Source - Only one payment source (i.e. one individual or one corporation) can pay for a Buckeye Club account. This does not include matching gifts.

Email Address The Buckeye Club will continue to correspond to members primarily through email. Please be sure our office has your current email address or notify us if any changes are made.

Deadline Our renewal deadline is February 1, 2014. We cannot guarantee the availability of football tickets for the 2014 season for any membership renewals received after Feb. 1. Deadlines will be enforced.

We appreciate your continued support of Ohio State Athletics. Through your donations, our student-athletes are allowed to compete at the highest level both on the field and in the classroom. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Buckeye Club, please contact our office at (614) 292-9908. Thank you for your generosity.