Frequently Asked Questions

Renew/Join The Buckeye Club Online

When is the renewal deadline?
The renewal deadline is February 1st, 2014. Additionally, new members have until April 30th, 2014 to join the Buckeye Club.


Football Tickets

If I join the Buckeye Club, am I guaranteed tickets to football?
Based upon prior experience, we are confident that all Buckeye Club members who make their gifts prior to the deadlines will receive the opportunity to purchase two season football tickets; however, we cannot guarantee tickets.

How many tickets can I get if I join the Buckeye Club?
A membership in the Buckeye Club, at the Scarlet and Gray level and above, allows you the opportunity to purchase two (2) season tickets for individual donors ONLY. Corporate donors must donate at the Big Ten Champions Level or above to be eligible to purchase two (2) season tickets.

Is there a way to get more than 2 season tickets?
Yes. The most advantageous way is to join at the All America level. In addition to getting access to four season tickets, you also receive access to an away football game travel opportunity, four pre-game field passes to a single game, and an invitation to the Athletics suite for a home basketball game, along with other exclusive benefits.

How much are season tickets?
In 2013, a full-season is $584 ($79/six home game and $110/home game vs. Wisconsin). Two (2) tickets are $1168. There was a $30 surcharge for postage and handling.

Can I lose my ticket privileges?
Yes, you may lose your ticket privileges if you have engaged in conduct that is determined, by either OSU or the NCAA, to be in violation of any NCAA rule or if, in OSU's reasonable discretion, you have otherwise taken any action that jeopardizes the eligibility of OSU's programs or its student-athletes.



Football Parking

How much does a season parking permit cost?
The following prices represent 2013 parking prices. Parking prices for future years are subject to change.

West/East/South Field House/Northeast Riverbank/Southeast Riverbank/Schottenstein Center$375
12th & Cannon/North Medical Garage/Fawcett Center$375
Day of Game Motor home (Located at the Schottenstein Center, North of the Practice Fields and West of Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium$50



Priority Point System

As of 2010-11, the priority point system has been updated to ensure a fair and equitable allocation of seats in Ohio Stadium. All members at the Scarlet and Gray Level and above participate in the point system. In regard to calculating points, the Department of Athletics operates on a calendar year, beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31. The Buckeye Club deadlines will be strictly adhered to when allocating seats and tickets for home, away and post-season games.

The system works as follows:

2014 Football Point Calculation

Current Gift
+ Past Gift
x 4% (from January 2013-December 31, 2013)
x 2% (Prior to January 2013)
Total Points 

Members of the Scarlet and Gray Level are seated after all upper level Buckeye Club members and Presidents Club members.

Joe Buckeye is a first-time donor to The Ohio State University. He contributes $1,500 on January 5, 2013.

YearGiftPast GiftsCalculationPoint Total
2013$1,5000($1,500 x .04) + (0 x .02)60

Jack Buckeye has been a Buckeye Club member for a number of years and is also a long time donor to the University. Over the year he has contributed a total of $45,000 to the University. On January 10, 2013 Jack made his annual contribution to the Buckeye Club in the amount of $5,000.

YearGiftPast GiftsCalculationPoint Total
2013$5,000$45,000($5,000 x .04) + ($45,000 x .02)1,100



Presidents Club Changes

For information regarding the President's Club, please visit