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It's an historic national landmark that signifies excellence. For more that 75 years, seasoned fans, nostalgic alumni, and bright-eyed freshman have cheered together in "The Horseshoe." Witness some of the most glorious moments in college football, millions hold unforgettable memories that define the stadium and its rich tradition.

Buckeyes supporter have laid the framework for the tradition of excellence in Ohio State athletics. Now you have the opportunity to be part of this tradition and help ensure its legendary future.

In recognition of a gift, the university will engrave your message on a brick, which will become a permanent part of the Ohio Stadium exterior landscape. Bricks will be located in East Stadium Plaza, South Stadium Plaza and walkways around the stadium. You may personalize your brick with a name, a special date, a quote, or the name of your company or club.

An Ohio Stadium brick makes a fitting gift for any Buckeye enthusiast or memorial for a loved one.

Show your friends you have become part of the legend that is Ohio Stadium, and know your brick symbolizes your enduring support of athletics at Ohio State.

The 2015 installation ordering deadline is May 1, 2015

Brick Stadium


Paver Size Gift Credit Replica Cost Placement Location Photo Installation Map
4" X 8" Standard $150 Gift $50 South Stadium Plaza 4x8 Brick South Plaza 1-16
South Plaza 17-40
8" X 8" Large $500 Gift $50 East Stadium Plaza
East, West, and North walkways
8x8 Brick East Plaza
East Walkway 10-14
East Walkway 16-20
East Walkway 22-26
West Walkway 7-11
West Walkway 13-17
West Walkway 25
North Walkway 8
North Rotunda
12" X 12" Granite $1,000 Gift $100 East, West and North walkways 12x12 Brick East Walkway 10-14
East Walkway 16-20
East Walkway 22-26
West Walkway 7-11
West Walkway 13-17
West Walkway 25
North Walkway 8
North Rotunda
24" X 24" Granite $5,000 Gift $100 East, West, and North walkways
(only 133 available)
24x24 Brick East Walkway 10-14
East Walkway 16-20
East Walkway 22-26
West Walkway 7-11
West Walkway 13-17
West Walkway 25
North Walkway 8
North Rotunda


Arrow 4" x 8" Standard case @ $40 each
Arrow 8" x 8" Large case @ $50 each
Arrow 12" x 12" Granite case @ $75 each
Arrow 24" x 24" Granite 12" x 12" case @ $75 each
Brick Cases


1. You may submit your order in one of two ways:

   Arrow Print out, complete the order form and mail with your payment to:

Ohio Stadium Brick Program
The Ohio State University Department of Athletics
Fawcett center, 2400 Olentangy
Columbus, OH 43210

Here is the printable order form which you can fill out and mail to The Ohio State University Department of Athletics following the above instructions. (Note: Page will open in a new browser window)

   Arrow Order your brick online!

2. You will receive a letter of confirmation.

3. All text will be standard size, font, and style. Greek letters and other symbols not found on a standard keyboard may not be used.

4. Messages will be centered automatically in uppercase letters.

5. A maxium 15 character are permitted per line. 4x8 pavers may hold a maxium of 3 lines. All other pavers may hold a maxium of 6 lines.

6. The Ohio State University Department of Athletics reserves the right to approve all text prior to production.

If you have any additional questions regarding The Ohio Stadium Brick Program or if you would like to request a brochure, please feel free to call 614-247-8378. E-mail us your question using this form.


1. How long will it take to receive my replica brick?
You will receive your replica brick 6-8 weeks after your order is placed.

2. Will I receive any type of confirmation after I place my order?
After we receive your order, you will be mailed a proof letter. You will then have 10 days to make any changes to your brick inscription.
* If you do not receive a proof letter within one week of placing an order, please contact us as soon as possible.

3. When will my brick be installed at Ohio Stadium?
All bricks are installed at Ohio Stadium during our annual installation, which occurs each July.

4. Can I pick the location where I want my brick installed?
Yes! Depending on space availability, we take requests for brick locations. When you place your order make a note of your requested location or contact our office with your request.
* Please note that all 4x8 bricks are installed behind the South Stadium Plaza.

5. How will I know where my brick is located at Ohio Stadium?
Once your brick is installed at Ohio Stadium you will receive a locator map, which will designate your brick location.

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