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Buckeye Club Mission Statement The Buckeye Club's mission is to directly support the overall goals of the Ohio State Department of Athletics by generating the funds for athletics grant-in-aid and scholarships for student-athletes in 36 varsity sports. It strives to embrace and engage the most dedicated Buckeye fans within the OSU community to further promote the passion and camaraderie that makes the University so unique.

The Ohio State Department of Athletics

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Development Contact Information

Buckeye Club Phone Number: (614) 292-9908
Buckeye Club E-mail Address: BuckeyeClub@osu.edu

Dan CloranExecutive Assoc. Ath. Dir., Development292-7744e-mail
Cindy DeJacimoAsst. AD, Athletics Development247-7029e-mail
Jordan BirkemeierDir, Annual Giving (Buckeye Club)292-3612e-mail
Judy BuntingDir, Donor Relations & Stewardship688-3038e-mail
Raymont HarrisDir, Athletics Development292-5187e-mail
Rob NorrisDir, Athletics Development688-1635e-mail
Kate RiffeeDir, Development Operations292-2908e-mail
Bridget WeiglyDir, Development Admin292-5519e-mail
Maura MurphyDir, Athletics Development247-1947e-mail
Katie ShingledeckerAssoc Dir, Athletics Development688-1209e-mail
Mitch StraubAssoc Dir, Athletics Development247-1859e-mail
Chris DavisDevelopment Coordinator688-0958e-mail
Lori EdsingerGift Coordinator292-1598e-mail
Andrew StorchGift Coordinator292-3451e-mail
Ben WaiteAsst Dir, Buckeye Club247-8143e-mail
Sarah KingDevelopment Assistant688-0959e-mail
Jennifer ScarbroughOffice Assoc292-9908e-mail