What Rules Pertain to an Endowment Donor?

As an endowment donor you are a booster. And as a booster, ALL rules pertain to you. However some relate more to the endowment relationship. We encourage a positive, personal and NCAA-legal relationship with your endowment recipient. I wanted to highlight some of the rules which address our most frequently asked questions. Please make note of the following...

Direct Contact - We want you to have personal contact with your endowment recipient if you choose, but remember there are parameters. To effectively comply with NCAA regulations, a degree of monitoring is necessary. As a result, you may not initiate direct contact with your endowment recipient. Please allow me to act as a facilitator in the communication process and serve as the "go-between".

Occasional Meals/Extra Benefits - You MAY have your endowment recipient to your house for an occasional meal on infrequent and special occasions (i.e., their birthday). Please know that the meal must take place in your home but can be catered. You can not take them or their family/friends out for a meal in a restaurant and you may not provide transportation to and/or from your home. You may not contact your endowment recipient directly to arrange the meal. All arrangements must be made through our office. We will do the legwork for you! Of course, with anything like this there is a form involved. Our policy is that all home meals must be approved in advance by the Athletic Compliance Office. I have enclosed a copy of the "Booster Occasional Home Meal Form" for your use. This form must be completed, submitted at least 3 days in advance of the meal.

The process is simple, call me and let me know that you'd like to host your endowment recipient in your home for a meal. Give me a few choices of dates as these folks have a lot going on. I will contact the student-athlete to make arrangements with them. I will them contact you and we can get the paperwork going. I will give the student-athlete directions to your home or will make arrangements for one of the staff members to provide transportation.

Please send completed forms directly to me and I will process the paperwork and notify you of the approval. I can also get you more copies of the form if needed.

No other "impermissible benefits" may be provided to your endowment recipient (i.e., cash, gifts, entertainment on or off-campus, clothing, athletic equipment, free or discounted housing, or free or reduced cost goods/services).

Employment - You MAY employ your endowment recipient at your place of business, however, all compensation received by the student-athlete must be for work actually performed and at a rate commensurate with the going rate locally for similar services. Meaning, they must be paid at the going rate for the job performed. As with the Occasional Meal Policy, you may not contact the student-athlete directly to arrange employment. Please go through our office. And of course, there are papers to complete! The student-athlete must register their job with the Athletic Compliance Office and you must complete the necessary forms in the Compliance Office's employment packet prior to employment.

Endorsements/Promotions - Taking personal photographs of you and your endowment recipient is a great thing to do. Display these photos in your home if you'd like. It makes the student-athlete feel like a part of your family! You may not use their name, picture, or appearance to directly advertise, recommend, or promote sales or the use of a commercial product or service of any kind. Displaying them on a business website, brochure, or your place of business is not permitted because it can be interpreted as an endorsement of your business.

These rules are put in place to make sure we do things right. We are thankful that you are a part of our Athletic Department family. We know that you support our programs because you have a desire to help student-athletes. Staying in compliance with the rules, while supporting our student-athletes, is the key to a successful program.


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