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  What is the NCAA?
   About the NCAA

  What does it mean to be an NCAA student-athlete?
   NCAA Student-Athlete Info
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  What is eligibility and how do I register?
   NCAA Eligibility Center

  I am an international student. How do I become an NCAA student-athlete?
   NCAA - Becoming Eligible
   NCAA - Remaining Eligible

  What if I'm interested in transferring to Ohio State?
   NCAA Transfer Guide

  What is a National Letter of Intent and what does it mean to sign one?
   National Letter of Intent

Help Along the Way
University What can I expect as a student at Ohio State?
 Ohio State First Year Experience
 Prospective Ohio State Students

How do I apply for admission to Ohio State?
 Ohio State Admissions

The Ohio State University
University Overhead What if I need help with a subject or class?
 Student-Athlete Support Services Office
 Younkin Success Center
 "The Edge" - Student-Athlete Newsletter

How do I plan my classes and stay on track with my major?
 Degree Completion Program

What are dates I need to remember?
 Important Dates

Getting Started
University Hall How do I plan a visit to Ohio State?
 Visiting Ohio State

What are the tests I need to take for admission?
 TOEFL (English as a second language)

What are my options for financial assistance?
 Office of Student Financial Aid