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                                  HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER 7.0 11/18/2017 08:46 AM
              Ohio State Invitational - 11/17/2017 to 11/19/2017               
                                  Psych Sheet                                  
Event 41  Women Platform Diving
     Name                        Year School
  1  Basham, Bailey E              FR Marshall-WV                    NP 
  2  McGlumphy, Sarah              FR Marshall-WV                    NP 
  3  Young, Madison E              SO Marshall-WV                    NP 
  4  Nied, Allyson                 JR South Carolina-SE              NP 
  5  Vincent, Julia                SR South Carolina-SE              NP 
  6  Price, Karlee                 FR South Carolina-SE              NP 
  7  Goh, Yu Qian                  FR South Carolina-SE              NP 
  8  Lujan, Mikaela                JR South Carolina-SE              NP 
  9  Sharp, Meme K                 SR PITT-AM                        NP 
 10  Coe, Lisa S                   SO PITT-AM                        NP 
 11  Williams, Cortnee A           SO PITT-AM                        NP 
 12  Jones, Krista T               SO PITT-AM                        NP 
 13  Kessler, Margot               JR Florida Gulf-FL                NP 
 14  Novak, Melissa                FR Florida Gulf-FL                NP 
 15  Wakefield, Megan              FR Florida Gulf-FL                NP 
 16  Carlson, Madeline J           JR Kenyon-OH                      NP 
 17  Rivera, Juvi E                SO Kenyon-OH                      NP 
 18  Burston, Rachel               SO NC State-NC                    NP 
 19  Kline, Madeline R             SO NC State-NC                    NP 
 20  Revels, Bailey                JR NC State-NC                    NP 
 21  Crowell, Christina U          SO Penn State-MA                  NP 
 22  Faerber, Elaina M             SO Penn State-MA                  NP 
 23  Hellmann, Emma                FR Penn State-MA                  NP 
 24  Magri, Kelly A                JR Penn State-MA                  NP 
 25  Mawn, Mckayla B               SR Penn State-MA                  NP 
 26  Umbel, Kamryn                 FR Penn State-MA                  NP 
 27  Tarvit, Lara                  SO Ohio State-OH                  NP 
 28  Angerame, Genevieve           FR Ohio State-OH                  NP 
 29  McPherson, Camryn             FR Ohio State-OH                  NP 
 30  Barker, Lexie                 FR Ohio State-OH                  NP 
 31  Lingard, Ginger               FR Ohio State-OH                  NP 
 32  Crea, Annie K                 SR Notre Dame-IN                  NP 
 33  Andrews, Claire C             SO Notre Dame-IN                  NP 
 34  Isola, Erin M                 SO Notre Dame-IN                  NP 
 35  McCahan, Kate K               FR Notre Dame-IN                  NP 
 36  Straub, Kelly M               FR Notre Dame-IN                  NP 
 37  Clark, Courtney               JR Kentucky-KY                    NP 
 38  Dellmore, Emma                SO Kentucky-KY                    NP 
 39  Hudson, Cara                  FR Kentucky-KY                    NP