The Ohio State University Ice Rink Pro Shop Services

The current staff at the OSU Pro Shop has over 90 years of combined experience servicing hockey players and figure skaters in Central Ohio!

The OSU Ice Rink has been in operation since 1961, and we are proud of that! We provide many services to the Columbus skating community:

• Blade Sharpening
• Blade Mounting
• Blade Adjustment
• Boot Waterproofing
• Repairs
• Custom Fitting
• Conversion of Ice Skates into Inlines (or vice versa)
• Boot Punch Outs
• Boot Stretching

• Custom Fitting
• Special Orders

• Mount Stick Blades
• Mount Facemasks and Helmet Adjustment
• Just About Anything Else You Can Think Of!

Call (614) 292-4154 for further information about our services.