The New Ohio State Athletic District

Athletic District

At Ohio State, the Department of Athletics' training and competitive facilities are its classrooms, wherein talented student-athletes hone their skills and reach their potential. Coaches prepare student-athletes for competition and success as students, athletes and citizens. Teams focus on winning, but winning transcends the final score of any game or grade point average. Winning is about succeeding in life.

A new master plan for the Athletic District has been created to build upon the stellar tradition of competitive success for which Ohio State has become widely recognized.

The Athletic District will consolidate the vast majority of practice and competitive facilities into a contiguous space. Doing so will provide student-athletes and their coaches the optimal training and competitive environments.

The Athletic District will be a win-win-win: for student-athletes, coaches, and for Ohio State.

Athletic District Time-Lapse Camera

Athletic District Construction Update: March 17