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'54 Champs Edge '69 in #GoBucks125 Tourney

125 Tournament Voting Page  - CURRENT VOTE: 1942 vs 1899

In the latest matchup, the 1954 national championship team edged the 1969 squad by a 51.3 to 48.7 count. Previously, the unbeaten 1973 Buckeyes flexed their muscles in a convincing final tally over 1944. 

A nice run for the 2005 Buckeyes came to an end vs. the Super-Sophomorore-turned-seniors of 1970. The second round of the #GoBucks125 Greatest Team Tournament officially started and the No. 1-seeded 1968 National Championship Buckeyes owned up to their top billing staking a convincing victory over the 2006 team. The 1970 National Football Foundation National Champs are next up against the 2005 Buckeyes. Voting is open.  

Here's a quick look back at the opening round results:

  • Matchup 1: 2006 51.1% vs 1975 48.9%
  • Matchup 2: 2005 57.7% vs 2012 42.3%
  • Matchup 3: 1969 72.3% vs 1979 27.7%
  • Matchup 4: 1944 89.4% vs 1935 10.6%
  • Matchup 5: 2007 56.1% vs 1917 43.9%
  • Matchup 6: 1899 52.2% vs 1995 47.8%
  • Matchup 7: 1996 54.5% vs 1998 45.5%
  • Matchup 8: 1974 79.0% vs 1916 21.0% 


Seven national championships, another seven Heisman Trophy winners, 10 unbeaten seasons, 24 appearances in the country's final Top 5, 187 first-team All-Americans and it all comes down to ONE tournament to determine the GREATEST Ohio State team of all-time. 

And YOU - the fan - will determine which squad truly is the BEST of the BUCKEYES.

To celebrate and commemorate this - the 125th season of Ohio State football - we're asking the Best Fans in the Land to participate in the season-long tournament to decide which Buckeye unit is the finest in its storied history.

This summer a media panel was polled to select the best 24 teams in Ohio State's past and each was seeded in a single-elimination bracket. The seven national champions as well as six unbeaten squads all gained an automatic entry while a field of 11 "at-large" candidates also was weighed by the committee.

The bracket can be viewed here and will present 23 head-to-head matchups between some of the most-talented and accomplished editions not only in Ohio State's annals, but in the realm of all of college football.

The winner of each individual matchup will be determined by a fan vote. To kick off preseason camp, three year-versus- year votes will be held each week through August 24. Fans can began voting Aug. 1 at .   

Once Game Week against Navy arrives Aug. 25, we'll feature one matchup per week until teams advance through to the final pairing the week of The Game vs. TTUN in late November.

The all-time greatest team will be announced at The Game Nov. 30 in #TheShoe.


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