What is Zero Waste?
Ohio Stadium has employed an innovative recycling program for several years. In Autumn 2011 Ohio State is taking bold steps to advance the program further. Ohio Stadium is the largest stadium in the world to attempt to move toward Zero Waste, which refers to diverting 90% of trash from the landfill by recycling and composting. Bins for recycling and composting will be available throughout the stadium and all items purchased inside the stadium will be either recyclable or compostable to achieve Zero Waste.

Why is Ohio State making the Stadium Zero Waste?
A Zero Waste Stadium will reduce its environmental impact as part of the University’s commitment to divert 40 percent of waste from the landfill while continuing to demonstrate Ohio State’s leadership in sustainability. An added benefit is a reduction in costs related to stadium waste collection.

What goes where?

Where are the trash bins?
There will be no trash bins in the stadium. If there is trash, it will be put into the recycling bins.

visit go.osu.edu/zerowaste for more information