Appearance Requests

Student-Athlete Appearance Requests

The Ohio State University Department of Athletics encourages all student-athletes to support community events and activities. However, all student-athlete appearances must receive approval from the Compliance Office prior to the event taking place. Ohio State will only review requests for a student-athlete appearance under the following circumstances:

  • A Student-Athlete Appearance Request Form is completed;
  • Documentation proving the requesting organization's tax-exempt or 501(c)(3) status (if applicable) is provided;
  • The promotional event is held within 30 miles of campus;
  • Student-athletes do not miss class for the promotional appearance;
  • If funds are being raised at the promotional event, the money only goes toward an educational, charitable, institutional, or non-profit agency; and
  • Student-athletes' names, images, or likenesses (including photographs) are not used to promote the commercial ventures of any agency.
To request a student-athlete appearance, please complete the Student-Athlete Appearance Request Form and submit it to the Compliance Office.

Coach Appearance Requests

Ohio State allows coaches to make appearances or take part in speaking engagements which enhance their image and that of their program. To that end, all coach appearances or speaking engagements must be permissible under NCAA legislation and may not benefit prospective student-athletes or their relatives or friends. Additionally, all coach appearance requests must be approved prior to the event taking place.

Please complete the Coach Appearance Request Form and submit it to the Compliance Office if you would like for a coach to appear or speak at a particular event.

Please Note:

  • If you are a charitable organization, documentation proving your tax-exempt or 501(c)(3) status is required.
  • Limitations exist on what coaches can and cannot do when prospective student-athletes are in attendance at or are benefactors of the charitable event.
  • If the event involves any commercial agencies or sponsors, the individual completing the form will need to provide a detailed description of the role of the sponsor.
  • If the event plans on using the coach's name, image, or likeness to promote or advertise the event, the requesting group will need to attach a copy of the announcement/advertisement.
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