Extra Benefits

NCAA rules prohibit student-athletes from receiving "extra benefits." An extra benefit is any special arrangement provided to a prospective or current student-athlete or his or her family/friends that is not generally available to all Ohio State students. Providing a prospective or current student-athlete with an extra benefit may affect their eligibility and result in an NCAA violation.

Extra benefit legislation continues to apply even when a student-athlete has exhausted his or her eligibility; it is "from cradle to grave." As such, it is not permissible for a booster or booster group to provide a student-athlete with a gift, award, or any other extra benefit once the student-athlete has exhausted his or her eligibility.

Examples of Impermissible Extra Benefits

Free or reduced cost mealsFree or reduced cost housingCash, loans of money, use of a credit card
Transportation or the use of a vehicleFree or reduced cost goods
(e.g., clothing, vehicles, electronics)
Any tangible gift including birthday or holiday gifts
The sale or trade of any item received
as part of your participation in athletics
Free or reduced cost services
(e.g., dry cleaning, haircuts, tattoos)
Free or reduced cost entertainment

Prohibition on the Sale of Institutionally-Issued Items

Student-athletes are not permitted to sell or trade any institutionally-issued items for profit or services, even if the item does not have the student-athlete's name on it. An institutionally-issued item is any piece of apparel, equipment, award, or any other item provided to a student-athlete by the institution, NCAA, or Big Ten Conference which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Apparel: Practice and game apparel, travel suits, and outerwear;
  • Equipment: Training/turf shoes, cleated footwear, helmets, pads, towels, and any sport-specific implement, stick, or ball; and
  • Awards and Gifts: Participation awards, varsity awards, bowl/post-season gifts, special event awards, senior awards, and championship awards (e.g., rings, pendants, etc.).

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