Complimentary Admissions

Ohio State may provide four complimentary tickets per home or away intercollegiate athletics event to a student-athlete in the sport in which the individual participates (either practices or competes), regardless of whether the student-athlete competes in the contest. These tickets must be used within the guidelines of NCAA rules. Any breach of these guidelines may result in disciplinary action (e.g., loss of ticket privileges, loss of eligibility).

Important Complimentary Admissions Reminders:

  • Student-athletes/student-athletes' guests may not sell or trade the complimentary ticket for any item of value.
  • Student-athletes are responsible for their guests and the actions of their guests. If a guest sells or trades a complimentary ticket, the student-athlete's eligibility will be affected.
  • Complimentary ticket requests must be made prior to the game - lock-out times are designated by the Ticket Office.
  • It is permissible for student-athletes to transfer tickets to their teammates provided the transfer is not done for money or any item of value.
  • It is not permissible for student-athletes to transfer tickets to coaches, trainers, managers, or interns.
  • The guests of all football and men's basketball student-athletes will be called by the Compliance Office and the guest will not be eligible for a complimentary ticket until speaking with and being approved by the Compliance Office.
  • All guests must appear on the student-athlete's pass list and must present identification (e.g., driver's license, social security card, school ID) at the pass gate in order to obtain the complimentary admission. If ID is not presented, admission will be denied.
The Following Individuals May NOT Receive Complimentary Admissions From a Student-Athlete:
  • Agents
  • Service providers (i.e., financial advisor, restaurant/bar owner, mechanic, tattoo artist, car/shoe/clothes salesman, etc.)
  • Employers
  • Prospects/Recruits
  • Boosters (i.e., season ticket holders, individuals who have donated money to the Athletic Department, etc.)Individuals requested by an Ohio State coach or staff member
  • Members of the media
  • Public officials
  • Professors, TA's, proctors, counselors, tutors, etc.
  • Athletics Department staff members (including graduate assistants and interns)
Access Guest Management to assign complimentary admissions here.
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