Below is a chart summarizing permissible activities of non-coaching staff members (e.g., director of operations, video coordinator), volunteer coaches, and student managers.

       Non-coaching Staff MemberVolunteer CoachStudent Manager
      Sit on bench/sideline & be in game huddleXXX
      Provide technical or tactical coaching instruction to student-athletes X 
      Observe practice for evaluation/analysis of performance with coaches onlyXX 
      Set-up offense, defense, strategy with coaches prior to practice or competitionXX 
      Participate in practice drills (ball shagging, rebounding, pitch batting practice) XX
      Participate in practice drills beyond ball shagging, rebounding, pitch batting practice X 
      Assist with warm-up activities XX
      Participate with or observe voluntary activities of student-athletes (pick-up games, captain's practices)  X
      Handle/assign equipmentXXX
      Keep play chart & handle statisticsXXX
      Run practice clockXXX
      Signal in plays at the direction of a coach - hold play cards XX
      Provide academic assistance or tutoring   
      Track academicsXXX
      Off-campus recruiting (contacts & evaluations)   
      Pick-up recruits at the airport for official visitXXX
      Initiate/receive telephone calls to/from PSA/those accompanying during an official visit & official visit transportationXX 
      Arrange/conduct campus toursXX 
      Prepare (create) recruiting materials (general correspondence, email)XX 
      Send recruiting materials (general correspondence, email)XXX
      Be present at on-campus recruiting events (meal with PSA)XXX
      Be present at off-campus recruiting events (meal with PSA within 30 miles during official)XXX
      Arrange official visit travelXXX
      Complete/submit recruiting documentation to complianceXXX
      Initiate/receive telephone calls to/from a PSA provided they signed the NLI/offer of admissionXX 
      Prior to NLI signing, initiate/receive telephone calls to/from appropriate academic authority (registrar, guidance counselor) related to admissions/academic issues provided nothing further is discussed & no solicitation of the PSA occursX  
      Attend on or off-campus sporting events in the individual's sport involving prospects (immediate family member exception exists for non-coach staff member)  X
      Analyze/evaluate videotapes of prospects X 
      Coordinate/manage institutional camp/clinicXX 
      Work institutional camp/clinicXXX
      Initiate/receive telephone calls to/from a PSA or anyone associated with prospects in the individual's sport with documentation of permissible call purpose (camp/clinic)XX 
      Attend & participate in meetings involving coaching activitiesXXX
      Edit/splice game film; coordinate film exchangeXXX
      Analyze video of institution's or opponent's teamXX 
      In-person scouting of opponents   
      Coordinate pre/postgame mealsXXX
      Coordinate complimentary admissionsXXX
      Arrange travelXXX
      Coordinate public service activitiesXXX
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