An award is any item given in recognition of athletics participation or performance.

  • Award may not include cash, gift certificates, or gift cards redeemable for cash.
  • Participation awards may be provided at any time.
  • Only student-athletes who were eligible to compete in conference, NCAA or other post-season tournaments or events may receive awards in conjunction with those events.

Expenses to Receive Noninstitutional Awards

A conference, an institution, the U.S. Olympic Committee, or a national governing body may provide actual and necessary expenses for a student-athlete to receive a noninstitutional award or recognition for athletics or academic accomplishments. Actual and necessary expenses may be provided for the student-athlete's family members to attend.

Types of Awards (See NCAA Chart below)

NCAA rules require that all awards provided to member of a team be uniform. Values of those awards may not exceed the NCAA limits listed below. However, one type of award may be provided to groups of student-athletes within a team (i.e., all seniors get rings, all underclassmen get watches).

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