Academic Progress Rate (APR)

The Academic Progress Rate (APR) was developed by the NCAA to track the academic achievement and retention of teams each academic term.

Each term, student-athletes receiving athletically related financial aid can earn:

  • One retention point for staying in school; and
  • One eligibility point for being academically eligible
A team's total points are divided by points possible and then multiplied by one thousand to equal the team's APR score.

The Benchmark:

Beginning with the 2015-16 academic year, teams must earn a four-year APR of 930 to compete in NCAA championships.

Student-Athletes Going Pro:

Teams with student-athletes who leave in good academic standing to pursue a professional career do not hurt a team's APR score. If a student-athlete leaves a team in poor academic standing the team loses two points.

Possible penalties for APR violations:

    Level 1: Limits teams to 16 hours of practice a week over five days, with the lost four hours to be replaced with academic activities

    Level 2: Includes level 1 penalties, plus competition reductions, either in the traditional or nontraditional season

    Level 3: Coaching suspensions, financial aid reductions and restricted NCAA membership. The Committee on Academic Performance has the discretion to apply appropriate penalties once teams have fallen below the benchmark for three consecutive years.

For More Information, visit the NCAA Website: NCAA APR Website

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