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A message from Gene Smith, Director of Athletics at The Ohio State University

If in doubt - ask!

This simple phrase is a friendly reminder to alumni, fans and friends of OSU that it is always better to ask before you act! There are many ways to be involved with Ohio State's athletic teams, but we must always be mindful to do so within the University, Big Ten and NCAA rules and regulations. Our goal is for your involvement to be: win-win-win - for you, for Ohio State, and for its talented young student-athletes.

To this end, the athletic department compliance program is designed to:

• create a culture of compliance among all constituents of the athletic program, including student-athletes, coaches, staff, and fans, in keeping with NCAA, conference, and institutional rules and regulations.

• monitor all aspects of the athletic program to ensure compliance; identify and report all instances in which compliance has not been achieved; and affirm that appropriate corrective actions are taken, and

• educate all constituents about applicable NCAA, conference and institutional rules.

It is our utmost goal to strive for athletic excellence, which can only be achieved with the ethical conduct and integrity. We are grateful for your loyal and continuing support, and rely upon you to partner with us in creating a championship environment for all our athletic teams. Please feel free to contact the compliance office by phone at (614) 292-2681 or by e-mail at if you have any questions or need clarification.

With appreciation,
Smith Signature
Eugene D. Smith
Director of Athletics

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Please ask before you Act!