Agent/Advisor Registration

Ohio State is committed to providing a secure environment for all student-athletes to succeed athletically and academically. The university strives to promote an environment where acquiring a quality education is of the utmost importance. For student-athletes, maintaining NCAA eligibility and amateur status play a pivotal role in preserving this culture of academic excellence. It is a priority of Ohio State to provide guidance, resources, and assistance to student-athletes interested in pursuing a career in professional athletics. However, the university also voraciously protects its student-athletes and works diligently to prevent any student-athlete from unknowingly or unwillingly endangering his or her amateur status or NCAA eligibility. We are committed to protecting our student-athletes from contact, communication, or conduct with individuals who seek to inappropriately contact or represent any Ohio State student-athlete prior to the student-athlete's exhaustion of eligibility or voluntary withdrawal from his or her respective athletics program.

Any person that markets or seeks to market any current Ohio State student-athlete's athletics ability or reputation is required to register annually with the Ohio State Agent Program through the Ohio State Office of Athletic Compliance. This definition is intended to be broadly interpreted and includes, but is not limited to, athlete agents, runners, contract advisors, financial advisors, marketing representatives, and brand managers. Disability insurance providers should visit our "Disability Insurance" page to learn more about registering with the Ohio State Office of Athletic Compliance.

The Ohio State Agent Program requires full compliance with Ohio State policies, NCAA and Big Ten Conference bylaws, Ohio Revised Code 4771, and the governing rules of professional sports organizations. Agents must register with Ohio State, the Ohio Athletic Commission, and any applicable professional sport organizations in order to obtain permission to communicate with Ohio State student-athletes regarding their future professional activities. Registration details and our athlete agent policy are below:

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