Policy for Athlete-Agents

The Ohio State University Athletics Department fosters a culture that provides student-athletes the opportunity to achieve excellence in life through success in academics and competition. In order to affirm our commitment to each student-athlete's mental and physical development, Ohio State supports the implementation of policies designed to enhance the student-athletes' academic and athletics experience. A synopsis of Ohio State's Athlete Agent Policy is as follows:

  1. Agents, advisers, and disability insurance providers seeking to represent current Ohio State student-athletes in their future professional athletics endeavors must register with The Ohio State University Athletic Compliance Office by submitting an Agent Registration Form and proving registration with the State of Ohio.

  2. Registration with the Athletic Compliance Office is valid for three years from date the application is approved. All agents must submit an application to renew their registration with the Athletic Compliance Office every three years.

  3. Ohio State permits all student-athletes with remaining eligibility to receive written materials from prospective athlete agents so long as the materials are provided to the student-athlete through the Athletic Compliance Office.

  4. Current junior and senior student-athletes are permitted to initiate contact with athlete agents. Athlete agents may continue communication with the student-athlete but must notify the Athletic Compliance Office within one day of the initial communication and describe the nature of the contact.

  5. Prospective athlete-agents may have contact with student-athletes who have exhausted their intercollegiate eligibility or have officially declared for the NFL Draft, thereby relinquishing their remaining collegiate eligibility. It is not permissible to contact the aforementioned student-athletes and their families until the official end of football season, including postseason competition.

  6. Once a student-athlete has signed with an agent, the agent must provide documentation to the Athletic Director.

  7. The Program requires full compliance with Ohio State University policies, NCAA Bylaws, Ohio Revised Code 4771, and the governing rules of professional sports organizations.

  8. Violations will be reported to the Ohio Athletic Commission and the police entity having jurisdiction in the area where the alleged violation has taken place.
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