Requests for Athletic Administrators Appearances

Looking for a guest speaker for your company, organization, church, school or club function? Invite one of Ohio State's leaders in the athletic department to come to your next event. Hear from Ohio State's most talented administrators who can offer insight into the inner workings of the Department of Athletics. Our staff can share their expertise about numerous topics including, but not limited to:

I. Organizational leadership
II. Insight about the Ohio State University Department of Athletics
III. Managing athletic programs, coaches and student-athletes
IV. The art of friend-fund raising
V. Finance and operation of the Department of Athletics
VI. Hiring talented staff and coaches...what to look for
VII. Running major athletics event at Ohio State
VIII. NCAA rules and regulations...what everyone needs to know
IX. Managing peak athletic performance...athletic training and medical issuesv
X. Importance of diversity in an organization
XI. Strategic professional development and the importance of our culture

If you are interested in pursuing one of our athletic administrators as a guest speaker, please contact the directly through the e-mail link on our staff directory page.