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Sports Medicine Staff

Mailing Address:
Biggs Athletic Training Room
535 Irving Schottenstein Dr.
Columbus, OH 43210

Name Pos Sport E-Mail Phone
Doug Calland Associate AD, Sport Performance All Sports Email (614) 292-1164
Athletic Trainers
Shaun Barnhouse Head Athletic Trainer Football Email (614) 292-1164
Angie Beisner Head Athletic Trainer Olympic Sports, Men's Lacrosse Email (614) 688-8370
Patrick Brayfield Asst. Athletic Trainer Men's Soccer, Women's Tennis Email (614) 292-1165
Solomon Campbell Asst. Athletic Trainer Football, Men's Tennis Email (614) 292-1164
Paul Dawson Asst. Athletic Trainer Baseball Email (614) 292-1165
Tyler Deam Athletic Trainer Football, Men's Tennis Email (614) 292-1164
Jeff Deits Athletic Trainer Men's Basketball and Women's Golf Email (614) 292-5134
Rae Everson Asst. Athletic Trainer Women's Ice Hockey, Pistol, Rifle Email (614) 292-7860
Jason Good Asst. Athletic Trainer Women's Gymnastics, Men's Gymnastics, Fencing Email (614) 292-2078
Sean Jones Asst. Athletic Trainer Track and Field/Cross Country Email (614) 292-7860
TBA Asst. Athletic Trainer Rowing Email (614) 292-1165
Jenn Novak Athletic Trainer Women's Basketball, Spirit Squad Email (614) 688-5890
TBA Asst. Athletic Trainer Aquatics Email (614) 292-1165
Erin Ralston Asst. Athletic Trainer Women's Volleyball Email (614) 292-7860
Jason Rule Asst. Athletic Trainer Men's Ice Hockey, Men's Golf Email (614) 688-1825
TBA Asst. Athletic Trainer Women's Lacrosse, Field Hockey Email (614) 292-1165
Adam Stewart Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist Football Email (614) 292-1164
Wil Turner Athletic Trainer Wrestling, Fencing Email (614) 292-2078
Katie Walker Athletic Trainer Women's Soccer, Softball, Women's Tennis Email (614) 292-1165
Intern Athletic Trainers
Name Pos Sport E-Mail Phone
Abbey Sponseller Intern Athletic Trainer Aquatics Email (614) 247-4723
TBA Intern Athletic Trainer Fencing, Men's Gymnastics Email (614) 292-2078
Katelyn Stickley Intern Athletic Trainer Field Hockey Email (614) 292-1165
Tony Laurenzi Intern Athletic Trainer Football Email (614) 292-1164
Kelsey DeShambo Intern Athletic Trainer Softball Email (614) 292-1165
Madeline Biehl Intern Athletic Trainer Cheerleading and Dance Email (614) 688-1825
Jeffrey Bord Intern Athletic Trainer Track and Field Email (614) 292-7860
Hannah Ellis Intern Athletic Trainer Track and Field Email (614) 292-7860
TBA Intern Athletic Trainer Men's Volleyball Email (614) 292-2078
Name Pos Sport E-Mail Phone
Adam Campbell Coordinator Email (614) 292-4367
Team Physicians
Name Pos
Christopher Kaeding, MD Executive Director of Sports Medicine
James Borchers, MD Head Team Physician
Julie Bishop, MD Orthopedic Surgeon
David Flanigan, MD Orthopedic Surgeon
Clinton Hartz, MD Primary Care Physician
Grant Jones, MD Orthopedic Surgeon
Kendra McCamey, MD Primary Care
Timothy Miller, MD Orthopedic Surgeon
Raymond Pongonis, DO Primary Care
Bryant Walrod, MD Primary Care
Sports Medicine Fellows
Name Pos
Walter Kim, MD Orthopedic Surgeon
Paul Krebs, MD Primary Care
Larry Nolan, MD Primary Care
Nicholas Peter, MD Orthopedic Surgeon
Sport Psychology
Name Pos
Jennifer Carter, PhD Lead Sports Psychologist
Stephen Graef, PhD Sports Psychologist
James Houle, PhD Sports Psychologist
Sports Dentistry
Name Pos
Deborah Mendel, DDS Team Dentist
Name Pos
Chad Wright, RPh Team Pharmacist
Athletic Training Education Program
Name Pos
Mark Merrick Program Director
Samar McCann Clinical Coordinator